Friday, December 4, 2009

Knee owie

We've been in and out of our new place all week slowly moving in, cleaning, etc. On Monday night, my grandparents from CO, my sister and her family, my parents and our family all met for dinner and then went over to our new house to give them all the 'tour.' The cousins had so much fun sliding down the stairs and running all over the empty house. Probably too much fun b/c on the way home, the boys were complaining about knees, shins, and tummy's hurting. We lifted up their shirts/pant legs to see the damage and they had some major carpet burn where it was bleeding. Needless to say, this left some nasty scabs. Especially on one of Bryce's knees. It's all purple and thick like he majorly scraped it on the sidewalk. Anyways, now on Friday, it's still tender and scabbed over. I asked him how it was feeling and he said, it was getting a little better and said, "maybe Jesus should heal me." We just finished reading about the miracles of Jesus in the scriptures. Innocent faith. Love it!
And today while driving home, we passed a church with a cross out in front and Bryce said, "look mommy, a cross! Jesus died on a cross..." and proceeded to tell me about the nails in his hands, etc. Then he asks me, "when is Jesus going to come again?" I tell him I don't know, no one does, that's why we always need to be ready. Bryce then says, "But I AM READY NOW! He is taking a long time..." Sometimes I feel the same way...