Monday, October 25, 2010

Carter gave our family home evening lesson last night. He said he was going to do it on the scripture, "no unclean thing can enter the house of the Lord," and it went a little something like this:
Carter: "So, no unclean thing can enter the house of the Lord. That means you can't come in if your hair is messy... or you have on muddy clothes... or a mustache (Brady usually shaves before church)...or tattoos...or if milk is spilled all over and it's on your clothes and all over your face...So what you need to do is to take a shower or a bath, change your clothes, brush your teeth, and comb your hair. If you made tattoos on your body (my kids had colored on themselves with markers all over their arms and legs the night before)them scrub them off. They might not come off all the way, but do the best you can. When you do all of these things, THEN you can enter the house of the Lord."
I added my two cents about how our insides need to be clean too and what that meant and how the temple is also the house of the Lord, etc to be cut off halfway through what I thought was an excellent tie in with "mommy, I feel like you are giving my lesson and it's my turn for the lesson..." He then bore his testimony saying that he knew that we should be "clean" when we go to church but even if we are not, we can still go to church because everyone is allowed there even if they are messy (guess he did hear part of my 'two cents').

Monday, October 18, 2010


Just want to remember what Carter told me today in response to my question about baptism. I taught Relief Society this past Sunday in church and the lesson was about baptism. Having it on the brain, that morning while getting ready for church I asked Carter why he wanted to be baptized.
He told me that he wanted to be baptized so he could have the holy ghost with him all the time not just sometimes. That the holy ghost would always be with him unless he did something to make Him leave. He also said he wanted to be baptized so that he could live with Heavenly Father again and get the Priesthood.
I just thought that was profound for a six year old. He is such an example to me how sensitive his spirit is.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Pirate Pete... I mean Bryce!

Bryce turned four on September 17th. We gave him the choice to have a party here or to go on a pirate cruise with just the family since he is really into pirates. He chose the pirate cruise on the Chesapeake bay. It was great!
We first started the day off with breakfast in bed with sausage, waffles and whipped creme- a favorite! He also requested that Carter read to him while he ate breakfast which he did. :) We decorated the house with streamers, and balloons and Bryce and Carter enjoyed decorating the house and their rooms.
Grandma and Grandpa Petersen joined us for our adventure. We arrived in Annapolis a half hour early, did face painting, and dressed up as real pirates to go. Bryce got really special treatment b/c they knew it was his birthday.
Once we were out on the ship, we had to keep our eyes out for "Pirate Pete" who had the key to the treasure chest we were trying to find. Once we found him, the kids took hold of a water cannon to make him fall off his boat to get the key. Later the kids looked all around the water to find the "X" Bryce was the once to find it and they all helped pull it out of the water and got a handful each. Bryce even got to unlock the chest! On the way back to shore, the kids pulled out of the bay, "pirate grog" (creme soda)and drank up. It was yummy!
We came home, had pizza and pirate cake and of course opened presents. We were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather and it was a fun memorable day for our sweet little pirate!
Bryce's favorites:
Song: I am a Child of God
Toy: Pirate ships and cars
Food: Hot dogs, sausage, mango, eggs, anything sweet- he loves gum
Favorite thing to do: likes to ride his 2 wheeler, jeep, play outside, do artwork- especially watercolor and drawing/painting rainbows. He likes books and being read to.
Grows up: When he grows up Bryce wants to be a doctor for children and animals.
Favorite colors: blue and white
Favorite thing to do at school: ride bikes
Bryce loves to dress up! He likes to pretend to be a cowboy, superhero, pirate, knight, tiger...
He likes to play with his big brother and they play puppy (Bryce is usually the puppy and prefers it that way, trains, playing with stuffed animals or they are outside running/riding around.
He recently learned how to pump his legs on the swing all by himself and ride his two wheeler with no training wheels a few months ago. He is very proud of both.
He is learning to write his letter and identify a few.
He's been to the ER more times than children should with staples in his head, split open chin (twice), and chest x-rays all within the past year. Truly our Brycie boo-boo. Although recently he doesn't want that nickname b/c he wants to be "Brave Bryce" another nickname given by my mom for the first split open chin incident. This past time he was sad in the ER waiting for the Dr and said, "I really am Brycie Boo-boo...." poor thing.
He likes to play in the rain and collect worms. He just started playing soccer and I think his favorite part is the snack they get when they are done and the anticipation of the trophy at the end of the season. He wears his soccer socks around the house for fun and it make it look like he is wearing tights.
He just started preschool and loves it so far.
He has such a funny sense of humor and keeps us laughing. He is a little jokster and loves to make people smile and laugh.
He is such a light in our lives and an awesome big and little brother, and son. We are so blessed he is in our family! We love you so much Brycie!

Bryce's first day of Preschool

Ahhhhh! I'm getting old and my baby boy is growing up! Bryce is now in preschool twice a week at Ashton Christian Preschool. He goes from 9:15am-1:45pm which seems like such a long day to be, but he LOVES it. His teachers Ms. Jane and Ms. Kristy are amazing and have enough energy to keep up with the 16 children. Bryce is the oldest in his class b/c it's a 3's class and he turned 4 one week after it started. He loves the playground, painting and being with friends. He loves that he gets to help pack a lunch like his big brother for himself when he goes to school. He is always so happy when I pick him up and excited to go.

First Day of School

I can not believe that Carter is in FIRST GRADE! He is growing up so fast. As cliche as that sounds... it's true!
He is such an awesome reader and likes to read to Bryce and Aubryn. He is such a kind friend, sensitive and gentle. His favorite part of school so far is PE. His teacher this year is Mrs. Fite with 26 kids in their class!!!
Carter chose a monkey in space backpack.
We all ride our bikes to and from school. Usually Carter rides as well, this day he wanted to sit with Aubryn so she "wouldn't be scared and lonely."

Jersey Shore

We got to go visit Aunt Brooke at her apartment in New Jersey. It was a short and sweet trip. We left on Thursday morning, went to the beach that afternoon. On Friday, we went to the beach in the morning, then headed home. Brady was working so it was just grandma, myself and the kiddos driving. It was SO GREAT! The weather was beautiful! The boys love the beach running around, making sand castles, pushing boats and cars in the sand and jumping over waves. Aubryn even did well sleeping in the stroller for a bit. There were crazy seagulls who stole a sandwich right out of my hand and a french fry out of grandmas. They had no fear... but they caused some in us!
Brooke made us chocolate chip waffles for breakfast and we even saw two baby birds try to take flight off her deck from their nest. Other than the beach, we did the boardwalk one night and the next afternoon at at the Rainforest Cafe for lunch- although Aunt Brooke had to work, so it was just us. We did Ocean City on Thursday and Atlantic City on Friday.

"Look I'm swimming!!!" Bryce being funny.

Aubryn's First trip to the Beach

Home, home on the range...

We had been looking forward to our Idaho trip for so long and couldn't believe it when it finally arrived! So great to see our family across country (and grandma's horses)! We had so much fun! We kept busy with a parade, rodeo, fair, four-wheeling, collecting "farm fresh eggs," riding horses, playing with cousins, driving grandpa's backhoe, being spoiled by grandparents... it was awesome! The weather there in August is just beautiful and the mountains are gorgeous.
After looking forward to our visit for so long, it was so sad it went so fast and time to come home and start school. Both boys begged to stay longer and Carter actually cried.
Faster Grandma!
The boys had to earn their keep... cleaning out stalls

The boys were fearless 'loping' around the little arena.
Three cowboys, chewing on straw by the canal.
Farm fresh eggs!
Check out that scenery!

Bryce and Sophie taking a break from fishing and collecting flowers on the hills.