Monday, September 29, 2008

Jesus take the wheel...

I've always loved this song by Carrie Underwood but Friday night, this song really came to life for me. We ate dinner at Brady cousins house that night before traveling to deep creek lake to meet my parents (who brought Carter the day before). It was pouring rain- to the point that Brady asked me about 15 minutes into the drive if we should just head home and leave early the next morning. But anxious to get there and spend the most time at the lake as we could I said no, we'd be fine. After listening to the Presidential debate, I laid my seat back to get some rest after making sure Bryce was asleep. Not long after, when I was in the "in between" stage from awakendness to sleep, I feel the car begin sliding out of control as we skid sideways down the freeway going almost 70 mph. I shoot up and hold on tight to the arm rest and door handle as the car begins doing a 360, and then another. We are going way too fast I thought as I prepare myself for the car to flip. I hear Brady saying, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh..." again and again. A thousand thoughts flew through my head. "We're going to flip..." "it's okay, Brady knows what to do..." "I'm buckled, Brady's buckled, and Bryce is buckled..." "When is this car going to stop spinning??" "How bad are we all going to be hurt?" "Are there any other cars going to hit us?" "When are we going to flip? Any second now...hold on!" We smash into the guardrail and skid another 60 or so feet until we finally slow down to a stop. Brady is still saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh..." I put my arm on his shaking hand and say, "we're okay, we're okay" as I rub his back. I turn around at the same time I'm saying and doing this to check on Bryce. Bryce is tipped over on his side still hooked into the car seat asleep. "...she cried when she saw that baby in the back seat sleeping like a rock..." (Carrie Underwood). I panicked and jumped from front seat to the back to check on him and lift him the right way up. I had transfered his car seat back into my car from my friend watching him a couple hours that day and did not latch his car seat into the car so the whole seat just fell to the side. I began praying in my heart feelings of relief and gratitude filled my soul. I don't even want to think about what could have happend if we had flipped and Bryce's seat had not be secured into the car.... another sweet mercy from above. Brady was outside assessing the damage to the car to see if it was able to drive while I buckled Bryces seat in and checked him over from head to toe. He was okay, and not even aware of what happened! He whined a bit that I had woken him up to check on him, but went right back to sleep. I went outside into the pouring rain to be with Brady. We were both, cold, wet, shaking, and grateful. It could have been SO much worse! We notice half our front bumper has been torn off and the rest is wobbly. We look back to the guardrail and see our bumper sticking out of it. After we even tried to pull it out, we couldn't. It was firmly lodged in. Soaked, we climbed back into the car which we were still able to drive and continued along our way.

Life is so fragile. Each day is a gift. Family is the greatest blessing and joy. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, might, mind and strength.

I love my family. I love my life. I'm glad I have more of it left to live.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You know it's never good when someone starts a sentence, "now don't take offesnse..."

So I'm at the mall returning some shoes and I pass by one of those kiosks- I don't even know how to spell it, but anyways, they are selling face cleaner, lotions, etc. A man with samples of lotion approaches me as I'm rushing by trying at all costs to avoid eye contact. He comes right up to me and asks me if I take care of my skin. I say, " Yeah, I guess so" slowing momentarily. I am guessing that someone who "takes care" of their skin is washing your face when you shower and additionally if and when you wear makeup. AKA Sunday evening b/c of church. I'm wondering however, does it look like I don't "care for my skin?" He says immediately after, "I thought so b/c you have nice skin, however....(he leans a little closer), and don't take offense.... but I have something that will help those dark circles under your eyes. Come here, come take a look...." He motions me over to his counters of potions. Don't take offense? Uhhhh... sorry, too late. Offense taken. Does he not see the two kids in front of me- one whining and fighting to get out of the stroller and the other one pulling on my hand saying, "come on mommy, let's go to the playland...." Is cream going to fix that? Uh, probably not. "No thanks," I reply with a kind smile, "I just need a nap," ... And not to get up at the crack of dawn because one of the kids is up for the day.... And not to get up in the middle of the night to wake up my son to use the bathroom and/or change the wet bed sheets and his pajamas because our 4 year old is now insisting on wearing underwear to bed because he is "not a baby" and doesn't want to wear diapers, requiring us to do lots of laundry and you guessed it, loose more sleep. Got something to help with that?? Didn't think so.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Bryce!

We celebrated Bryce's second birthday this weekend at Wheaton Regional Park. It's a big park with a merry-go-round and a mini train you can ride. Bryce's two favorite things right now are "neighs" and "choo-choos" so we thought it would be perfect. The only thing is, after playing hard at the park, eating lunch, opening presents, having cake, playing frisbee, catching a frog, and riding the merry-g0-round twice, by the time we made it to the "choo-choo".....

Bryce finally gets to ride the train and when it started he was so excited he started clapping and shouted, "yay! choo-choo!"

Bryce enjoying the view from the train....

Decided he wanted a little more comfort and sat on daddy's lap.

Just resting his head...



Birthday boy...all partied out! Once the birthday boy is asleep, time to go, the party is over. :)

He fell into a deep sleep in a matter of 5 minutes. I guess it's his party...he can sleep if he wants to. Hey, they should make a song like that...

We were blessed with nice weather (well, I guess that's was really hot and humid, but at least it wasn't raining) and had a great time. It was a perfect little family party with our little family, my mom (dad was at a conference), and my sister with her husband and four kids.

We are SO blessed to have our little Brycie. He constantly keeps us laughing and moving (he never sits still)! He is just so beautiful with his blonde hair and bright blue eyes and eyelashes that go on forever. He crinkles his little nose when he laughs or smiles big (I hear I do the same thing). He is for the most part an easy going kid who rarely cries unless he is really hurt, or his feelings are hurt. Other than "neighs" and "choo-choos" he loves popsicles, playing with his brother, cars, boats, airplanes and riding his three wheeled scooter. He's a coordinated little guy! He mostly loves to run and climb. Anywhere and on anything. He enjoys climbing on and jumping off beds, couches, and likes to pull everything out of the freezer and fridge and then say "uh-oh." He is speaking very well, and loves to sing. I love it when he says " I love you" and anything that has my name in it. He is a kid who likes to be barefoot and whenever we're in the cars asks, "shoes mommy?" asking if it's okay to take them off. He loves and needs his sheepie to sleep with along with his blankie (made by grandma Darrington), neigh -stuffed horse, stuffed pig, elmo, and his little "ee-oo" which is a beanie baby monkey that is a smaller version of Carters. There is barely enough room for Bryce in the crib! He has great manners at such a young age always saying "doo-doo mommy" (thank-you) when I serve him his meal or hand him a toy. He is such a joy to our family. He loves to sing and does a great "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" especially loud at the BEAM part. We sing him, "As I have loved you every time he goes to bed for nap/bedtime so he sings that as well. He loves "Wheels on the Bus" especially the people going 'bump, bump, bump' and the mommy saying 'shh...shhh...shhh." He likes a little rhyme about bees and a beehive. I'll have to record it and post it sometime. It's too cute. He can count to 11 or 12 now. He has been potty-training for about 4 months now and mostly goes poo in the toilet which is really nice for me (unless we're out in public, then I have a panic attack thinking on all the gross, disgusting things that are now on my sweet boys bum). I know I'm weird. Nicknames include: Brycie, B-man (daddy's nicck name) and za-boo-goo or za-boogie, boogie boy or just boogie for short. Yeah, I don't know why...:)

He always wants to be where Carter is and loves it when daddy comes home running to the door alongside Carter screaming excitedly "daddy!" And when anyone leaves, he stands by the window, opens it, waves and shouts "bye daddy!!!!" or whoever is leaving at the time.

My attempt to make a "choo-choo" cake with "neighs" grazing in the field of sprinkles along side a "she-she" (sheepy).

"Weee...hun!" (fun)

Bryce opening the present Carter got him. He picked it out himself and even paid some of his money to help buy it. Sweet boy. I don't know who is more excited, Carter or Bryce! :)

Checking out the frog cousin Eliza caught

Frisbee Fun!

Go neigh Go!

Hi mommy!

Party with the cousins!

I love being a mom to both my sweet boys. On Bryce's birthday, I just feel so grateful he is in our family and I get the priveledge of being his mother. Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You know you're tired when... can't finish the french fry you put into your mouth.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First day of school!

Carter has been excited for weeks to go back to preschool. It's his second year at the Creative Learning Center but this year he will go three times a week from 9am-1pm. So, a lot longer stretch which initially I was excited for, but it's just after 10am and I miss him.
We packed his lunch this morning which he was excited to do- especially to pack the snack he got to pick out himself from the grocery store. Frosted/iced animal crackers. Yum! (holding it in pic).
He woke up crazy early this morning afraid to miss his first day. It's nice that he has the same teacher as last year and a few of the same students in his class. He was still a little nervous, or as Carter says, "shy" to go to school so asked Brady to give him a father's blessing. I will never forget the sweet spirit I felt and the image of Brady, an honorable Preisthood holder all dressed up in his shirt and tie placing his hands on our sweet boy. Carter had a smile on his face the whole time sitting in his little rocking chair with wet hair from the bath and jammies on. Carter said that he felt Jesus during the blessing and love. It was very special I think for us all. Carter this morning even said, "I don't need to be nervous because daddy gave me a blessing and Jesus will help me." I'm so blessed to have such an amazing husband and the boys are so blessed to have him as their father. I'm also grateful that Carter is able to identify the spirit and has such childlike faith that Christ is there and always will be just as Heavenly Father is when we call upon them.
As we were leaving, Bryce grabbed a snack from the box and went outside saying "bye mommy," and waving. I guess he thought he was going to school too.
Once at school, there was a lot of excitement and Carter was ready to join in which he did. As we were leaving and Bryce and I said goodbye to Carter and gave him a kiss. Walking towards the door to leave, Bryce shouted "NO" and wouldn't take my hand. I went to pick him up and he did the jello trick when magically his legs and body turn to jello so it's practically impossible to pick him up. I managed to carry him out while he was crying and screaming "TA-DAW!" (AKA Carter) kicking his legs to get down. Poor little guy. He's going to miss him being around all the time and so am I. My heart echoed Bryce's words as I left.... My little boy is growing up.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer Fun- Deep Creek Lake

So now that Bryce is napping and Carter is watching Dragon Tails, I can catch up a bit on my life, more specifically this last summer. So, I'm going to back track a little.
We had a wonderful summer and I'm both excited and sad to see it coming to an end. We went to Deep Creek Lake a few times with family, and once with friends to water ski, tube and ride the mountain coaster. It's so beautiful there and the kids absolutely love it. The house has it all- the lake right in the backyard, little kidney shaped pool for cool or rainy days, hot tub outside, and a 9 hole and mini golf course for the homeowners in the community to use. And at the "mountains" (I know family in Idaho will get a kick out of that since they are more like "hills" to them) so close by- the mountain coaster is great! It is like an alpine slide and goes so fast. Our boys are daredevils. Boating to get ice cream at the local creamery is also a favorite and a must everyday. Yes, EVERY day! YUMMY!

We rode our bikes to mini-golf and Carter wanted to golf with his helmet on.

After years of waterskiing, and starting on two ski's, then dropping one to ski slolom (don't know how it's spelled) ...last year, the dropped ski was never recovered. We boated everywhere, but a shark must have drug it under or something b/c it vanished. Those were the same pair of ski's I've used since high school and now one was missing. So, the moral of the story is, my parents forbade me from dropping and said if I wanted to slolum (maybe it's spelled with a u????) then I would have to get up on one. BLAH! I remembered doing that in high school- once. There was a reason it was only once. It took me what seemed like forever to get up and when I did I had water in my eyes and nose. However, that was the new on a cold, dark and dizzly day in July....(seriously, it was- hence the wetsuit) I decided to give it a go. My mom said to give it three times until I quit. So I did and lo and behold I did it! On the third try of course. Just as I had remembered, water was in my nose and eyes, but I did it! I was so proud, and tired, but mostly proud, or maybe tired. Ok, it was a tie.

So it was fouth of July which of course means fireworks. We went this weekend with my mom, dad, and little brother Brian. Brian had a whole box of them. Safe. Especially for a 1 & 1/2 and 4 year old who think loud noise, bright colors and fire are some of the coolest things ever! It was a rainy few days which I mentioned earlier so that made me feel a little better about the illegality of it all. Wet ground and trees and fire don't mix right? I was hoping not.

Carter, ee-oo (stuffed monkey Carter's had since an infant and practically part of the family, and Bryce hudling over the box of fireworks deciding what to have Uncle Brian to try next.
SO excited!

The boys had a fun time with their little poppers they threw on the ground and sparklers and were content looking through the box and handing Uncle Brian the next firework once he shot one off. We then went out on the boat to see the big firework show they display from Wisp- the ski resort AKA location of the mountain coaster, but when we were almost there, police informed us they were cancelled b/c of rain and would be shot off tomorrow evening. But with a bunch of houses surrounding the lake shooting off their own fireworks, we decided to go ahead and anchor and watch everyone elses shows from all around us. That was lots of fun!
Daddy with Bryce playing with his now finished sparkler....he's not so sure about it. :)

Carter, ee-oo and sparkler fun!

Clapping at the firework displays. Me, Carter, Grandma Petersen, and Bryce.

Rain or shine...boating for ice cream is a must! What a great make-shift tarp/roof thing grandpa and brady made! Worked well.

Daddy with Bryce

Grandma and Carter on the tubing raft, in the pool with their clothes on.

The next night, on July 5th, they rescheduled the fireworks and because my parents went home that morning, we went to see fireworks out of the trunk of our SUV after stopping by "Candyland" for treat and candy necklaces (We don't have a boating liscense or we would have taken the boat again).

That was our 4th of July long weekend to the "lakehouse" as Carter calls it. We love it there!


So, I've decided now that I can download pics to my blog, that it's fun and I might become a blog-aholic as well as a freecycle-aholic. Now I'll have to join 2 self help groups....
Oh well, my kids are actually playing well together for the moment so I thought I'd take a couple of my own to blog. Because that's what blog-aholics do. They blog. Even if there is nothing to say. :) I just read an old friends blog who spoke about the joys of potty training and it reminded me of my morning. Bryce came up to me and said, "mommy's poo" which means one of two things, 1-he has to poo and wants to use the toilet to do so, or -2- he wants to play in the toilet. Unfortunately Bryce has been found a time or two dipping a cup in the toilet water and drinking it, and/or dipping his toothbrush in the toilet before brushing his teeth with it. (What's a kid to do when he can't reach the sink and needs a drink or has a strong desire to brush his teeth? )
Well, I took off his diaper and he ran to the bathroom and climbed on the toilet. Ok, choice one I thought. However, when going back to the kitchen to do dishes b/c he insists on having his "see-see" AKA - I need my "privacy" next thing I know he brings his big stuffed animal bear out to me and says, "bee poo" AKA bear poo. I tell him calmly that bears don't poo in toilets as I wring out poor bears legs which had been shoved in the toilet. (This is not your average small bear, as a matter of fact, he is named "big bear" ). I clean up the trail of toilet water that big bear has left on the floor as he was carried to me. While I am busy doing that, Bryce decides he still needs to poo.... which he does....on the carpet. Excellent.
Well... he did say "mommy.... poo" afterall. My fault for not understanding that he still needed to go, but was being polite b/c big bear must have needed to go more.
So now when I hear "mommy...poo" I'll know this can mean one of three things - 1- Bryce has to poo and wants to use the toilet to do so -2- he wants to play in the toilet and -3- a stuffed animal is going to be shoved in the toilet. We'll, I guess we learn something new everyday.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramblings of a happy, but tired mother

So my goal 2 months ago was to learn to download pics to my blog and journal right? Well, still haven't learned to download pics and here is the writing of the journal part....2 months later. It's okay, I'm still new at this and will get better and I'm more excited about the picture part, but since that still isn't happening, I'll have to ramble some more.
We had a great labor day today. I love it when we are all home as a family and don't have anywhere we HAVE to be. We started out the day (which was beautiful) picking peaches at lariland farm. The peaches were so good. Carter loved to climb the trees and pick the ones up high. Bryce likes to eat the peaches that had already fallen to the ground and were half smashed, crawled on by bugs or both. After that observation, I made sure I gave him a peach and when he finished that one, I gave him the next to avoid him finding his own. (I wonder why he has diarrea tonight...hmmmmm). Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Turns out however, I'm allergic to peach picking. Seriously. No, not peaches themselves. I can eat as many as I want, but picking them for some reason gave me a red rash all up and down my arms and on my chest and face where I scratched. It burned! And itched. But more burned. Good times. As soon as I learn how to dowload pics, I'll show you.

Now I just feel stupid for posting this b/c you can't even see anything! But if you have the power of zooming in, do so and you'll see a bunch of tiny dots on my forearms that got worse on my upper arms. Oh well, you'll just have to take my word for it....

Bryce doing what he does best....eating!

Our cute little monkey boy climbing for peaches.

On the way home, we decided it would be fun to stop by Old Towne Gaithersburg and watch the parade. Bryce was in dire need for a nap, but Brady and I rationalized that the kids would remember the fun at the parade much more than missing a nap for one day. So we headed over.
Good thing we had the wagon from our peach picking to collect all the loot!
It was fun, but can I just say, I've never seen more fire trucks in my life! Seriously, did we need to see one from EVERY part of the county and then some? That was the majority of the parade. And at least throw candy for crying at loud! So, the fire dept winner is Laytonsville b/c they threw candy. So when the fire dept calls (like they regularly do) or comes door to door (which they do as well) asking for donations, I'll be sure to donate the Laytonsville. On second thought....if they can afford to buy and throw candy, they don't need my help. Okay, I'll still say the usual script of we'd love to help but money is tight right now, but we do appreciate your service to our community....and yada, yada, yada.
After the parade, we came home and Bryce and Brady took a nap and Carter and I cleaned the house and went over to my parents to store some things in their attic b/c they have so much more storage space than us! (Just so happens whenever I go over there to store things, like a high chair, outgrown baby clothes, etc, they happen to be out of town. Coincidence? Hmmm... I'll let you make your own conclusions, but I hope that they aren't reading this. :)
An hr and a half later, we (Carter and I) woke up the others and went to Longwood rec center to play cricket with some friends from our church and have a potluck. It was fun. Brady was the cricket player and I got to play mom. Which was just fine. The kids had a great time running around the open field and getting their energy all out (b/c we had had such a boring day and all). :) We really have to get one of those....fields I mean. Our boys sure love to run. This brings up another topic.....did you know they make little mini treadmills that work on toddler power? Really, your kid just gets on and runs. It looks just like a treadmill, just much smaller, pastel, and without any electronics involved. Love it! Got it from a kind freecycler. This brings me to another topic. Freecycle. Love it. Maybe even addicted to it. I just can't seem to get enough free stuff. Like the treadmill, the elephant watering can- which of course is a must, neck pillow, small alarm clock, toy boats, kid shovels to help me garden, bag for balls to be stored in, small soccer ball, "happy halloween" banner, and cookie cutters. This my friends was collected in two days. But, in turn I offer things too! So, that means it's okay right, if I get rid of my junk to collect another persons? Yep, I think so too. My name is Christy and I'm a freecycle-aholic. But to be fair, I've gone a few weeks without collecting any freebies so I'm entitled to one crazy overdone weekend right? And I promise to use all I have aquired. (this is the pledge I make Brady when he looks at me with "the look" as I leave ever so casually to pick up "something from freecycle.")
Speaking of my sweet husband I think he is alseep already (only 10:15pm) and I think I'll join him. (I took tylenol pm two hours ago to kill the stupid headache from the stupid never ending fire engines). So, I'll see you in another few months, unless I learn to download pics for real this time.