Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aubryn update

So it's true what they say about 3... it's crazy and I thought I didn't have much time before, well... it's been 6 weeks and no detailed post or additional pics or anything about our sweet little Aubryn. Sorry baby girl. The massive snow storm of 30 inches (with 10-20 more one the way) has not helped with all 3 home. Bonus: Husband trapped at home too- at least for now. :) Since they are at grandma and grandpas shoveling with dad and baby sleeping (for now) I figured this is a good time to post a bit.
One of my favorite things with babies is when they first start to smile (and sleep on a schedule and for longer than a couple hr stretches). Since we don't have the later, the first will keep me going.
Her eyes are getting more blue and she is starting to coo. I love it when she looks be in the eyes and "talks" and smiles at me. The long nights and spit up'd on clothes are even more worth it. She loves the light and it can distract her (momentarily) from a fussy-fit. She loves her big brothers who dote on her ALL the time. They talk to her and like to sing to her. Very, very sweet.
Little Aubryn has had trouble with reflux and been on prevacid for about a month now which has lessened the projectile vomiting to just normal baby spit-up (most of the time). She still seems to be uncomfortable frequently if not in total pain crying regardless of anything I try. have been off milk, milk products(didn't realize how much I liked butter and cheese), chocolate, nuts (including much loved peanut butter, tomatoes, broccoli, oranges, my vitamins (b/c they are food based and include broccoli and kale),... sigh. New foods include rice and soy milk and children's vitamins. Yummy and colorful :) Since those changes to my diet and her meds twice a day (which has been better the past 2 days since I got it flavored to bubble gum, she has been much more peaceful and happy. Once she even slept for 4 hours straight and I felt like a new person!
She is at least starting to be able to be comforted with a pacifier. She likes the same kind Carter had- the mam brand. I have a love/hate relationship with the Binky. It's great b/c it helps stop the crying, but you have to hold it in the whole time and once it falls out b/c she is almost asleep, the crying starts all over and you start again. At least there is a respite from the crying...
She weighed 11 lbs. on 2/3 so... just over 5 weeks old and was 22 3/4 inches long. That puts her at 90th percentile for weight and off the chart for height. She has her daddy's feet though and hope she doesn't end up a size 14 too! But with her everything seems so feminine and dainty- even her long cute feet.
I just love this little girl so much and love to hold her and kiss her. She is growing so fast, I need to remember that at nights and in moments of crying. Soon she will be coloring with markers on the carpet and riding a bike just like her brothers. I need to enjoy these moments, these smiles, the cuddles, the "talks" we have when she lays on the changing table so content after eating while being changes because I know it is all over too quickly.
Old pics from past month or so...
(we had a birthday party for Aubryn the week we brought her home. She gave Bryce a train set and Carter a kid camera).
(There is a pic of me around this age that looks just like this photo)!
(here's one of the boys so they're not left out riding on daddy's feet...)
(first bath...did not love it, even with the heater in there. Likes it now though).
(getting sleep where and when we can)!
(first bottle of mommy's milk (out of the 3 she's attempted)She did really well that first time though.
(Bryce trying to 'pump').
(Bryce nursing sheepie. I have a pic of Carter when Bryce was born nursing ee-oo too. Funny...).
(boys in the snow storm shoveling, climbing, and getting stuck)!
I love my family!