Sunday, November 15, 2009


So a lot of change in the Darrington household this next month. First of all, we bought a single family home about 4 miles from here and we are so excited to move in the beginning of December! But before that adventure comes the adventure of trying to sell our townhouse which means keeping it clean. This has proven to be a little tricky the past 2 weeks as I need to have everything ready to "show" all the time and especially if I ever leave the house b/c someone can call at any second on their way. This is hard enough with two active boys, made a little harder by an ever growing little girl. Scrubbing and painting walls, doors and baseboards in addition to packing, organizing and cleaning is not exactly how I envisioned myself with 5 weeks to go (in theory).
So in addition to packing, cleaning and selling this place, moving into the other home in a little over 2 weeks, having a baby a couple weeks after that (again in theory), my little brother has decided to get married to a wonderful lady on December 29th, 5 days after my due date.
Needless to say, a lot going on which makes this an exciting/stressful time.
Oh, one more thing, Carter changes schools as well. He starts tomorrow but we've already met his new teacher on Friday and he knows 2 kids in his class which hopefully will make for an easier adjustment. We figure, new school first while still in the old house, then new house, then new sibling. A month or so is enough time for all those new things right? Hmmmmm.....
Still no baby name picked out, although Carter likes Sal-a-lean-uh. That's how it's pronounced anyways. His other top favs include, honey, sweetie or love. Bryce wants to name her "baby sister."
We'll keep you posted, but for now, that's the Darrington news!


Tonight while putting Bryce to bed, he said he was scared of "ghost-ez." I tried to reassure him that ghosts were not real and that Carter was in the next room and mommy and daddy would be right down stairs. He could always say a prayer to Heavenly Father who would help him feel safe. Bryce said, "let's do that right now. I'll say it first, then you have a turn mommy." He got out of bed and knelt next to it and asked Heavenly Father to make him "not scared of ghost-ez and feel love in his heart." Then he said it was my turn. What a sweet boy and what faith. Again, another testimony builder that we should truly all become as little children. Sometimes I wonder who teaches who more in this family because I learn so much from my children about unwavering faith and trust in the Lord time and time again. Thank you boys for your testimony and example. I am so blessed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reprimanded by a 3 yr old

Last night after the fifth time of telling Bryce to get back in his room and back in bed, I might have called the phrase up in a little less than loving voice. His response was a quiet but firm, "you need to speak more kinder to me mommy."
Thanks for the reminder buddy... you are right.