Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

(both boys fell asleep on the way back to the house on the boat. This pic is just after they woke up and realized we were back, so that's what's up with the sleepy, where am I eyes).

We went to Deep Creek Lake this year again for the 4th, and it was cold and rainy... again. At least this time on the fourth it was more cold than rainy so fireworks were not cancelled like they were last year. It was so fun to watch them from the back of the boat and the fireworks were really good. I was impressed! Why go through the chaos of DC again?
(My mom, Brian and Carter up front on the way to fireworks).
(watching fireworks from the back of the boat).

(Sparkler fun)!

Brady and my brothers Matt and Brian all went tubing in the freezing, wavy lake. They like to have competitions on who can stay on the tube the longest so they try to push or kick each others tubes in addition to the crazy high waves that were sending them flying. Crazy boys.
They kids love to drive the toy motor boats in the little pool and go on boat rides to the creamery for ice cream cones.
At one point on the way to see fireworks, we almost had a casualty. Sheepie. One of our own. It was so windy he went flying off the boat. Luckily I noticed just a bit later and shouted to my dad to stop and turn around. After driving back with big eyes, I finally found him. His little head floating just above the surface of the cruel, cold water fighting to stay alive in the middle of that big ole lake. My family was laughing at me as I almost fell in to rescue poor sheepie. I missed the first time (I think my mom was hold my foot to prevent me from falling in off the front of the boat but also impeding my rescuing ability). I shouted to Brady to run to the back b/c "I missed him! I missed him!" and ran back as well. I told Brady as we were looking for him to come up the other side, if he missed, I was jumping in. And I was serious. Brady was the hero of the day and grabbed soaking sheepie and gave him CPR. WHEW!
(hero in action)
After that, I put on a life jacket in the case of another emergency, we could spot him easier and he wouldn't sink.

This might seem a little much for some readers out there. I assure you, it's not. We've even bought him a new sheepie- exactly like the old one. Except this one has paws that have not been sewn back on 50 times, and is actually white and doesn't have little holes/tears in his paws that I can't sew. He doesn't like the impostor. He knows his best friend. Sigh. The things we do for our kids.

When we got back from fire works on the boat, Matt and Brian (after driving to PA the day before to spend too much on fireworks) put on their own show. It was actually pretty impressive and I can't believe they sell those fire starters! Has no one read the book, "Follow my leader???" I must have referenced that book a million times throughout the course of the weekend. Does any one listen to me? No? But did anyone lose their eye sight and need a 'seeing dog?' No. But it would have served them right. Okay, I don't really mean that last part.
(Carter watching the loud home show).
All in all, it was a great weekend. I love this country that we live in and am grateful for our freedoms and the men and women who have fought and fight for us to have that great gift in this wonderful land. God bless America!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Berry" fun!

Ha, ha... I'm too clever. :) We've been blueberry picking a couple times in the past weeks and love going to Butler's Orchard where they have the sweetest, fatest, bluest blueberries. To make the experience even better, you take a tractor ride to get to the blueberry bushes that lasts a good 5 minutes at least. Carter planted himself right next to/under a bush and picked. Bryce, like the strawberry experience, ate. I drew the line when he took handfuls out of the bucket we had just picked and put in there.
After a fun tractor ride back, we played on their wooden play structures and the sack slides. The same ones were open that they had at "bunny land" in the spring. The boys played on those slides for almost 2 hrs! They were being so sweet helping each other up the hill (which is steep! I even slipped going up a few times). They just laughed and laughed the whole time. It was one of those moments as a mom when you love your job and being able to enjoy each day and experience with your children. I'm so blessed to be home with the boys and that Brady can provide for us enough to allow me that privilege. What a great day!
(My favorite part of the whole day)

Tractor ride to the farm)
( (Boys in action!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wish come true

(Carter "petting" Bryce)

Carter finally got what he's been wanting... a puppy dog. This one just happens to be in the form of his little brother. For whatever reason, Bryce has decided that he is a dog. A "puppy" to be exact. He says, "let's play puppy" at least 5 times a day and even when he doesn't say that as an intro to the game, when he comes up to me panting and barking, it's a pretty good indicator he wants to play.
So from everything to climbing down the stairs on all fours- forewords and head first, to filling up a bowl of water for him to drink, he has turned into a canine. He goes by the name, "Clifford." "Puppy" will do as well. He also likes to do tricks such as shake the paw, 'bark,' sit and stay, and the like. He is very talented you know. When he is not being a dog, he still out looking in the neighborhood for dogs to play with and feed bones to. We have one down our sidewalk that plays catch with the boys which is really cute and of course my parents dog holly gets plenty of love and attention from both boys. Probably too many treats however. We like to "borrow Holly" from time to time and have her at our house to play. This is fun until we leave and she scratches up our door post- some more. Oh well... my kids do worse to my parents house when they "borrow" them I'm sure. :)

(I check on Bryce before Brady and I go to bed and find him sleeping with these in his hand...)

(Closer look...)

(Bryce just waiting for any dog to pass ready with his bag of dog bones in hand).
(Drinking from his water bowl, and yes he is just wearing underwear and a shirt and yes, that underwear is on backwards).
(A visist from Holly-dog).
(Fetching Sheepie).
(Climbing down the stairs)
(And every good puppy needs a dog house of course. We end up making these 'tents' to be his dog houses all over the house).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another milestone

(This is Carter's "Spider-man" pose- ready for action without tripping on his laces!)

Carter learned how to tie his shoes about 2 weeks ago. In the mall, he saw these spider-man "skater" type shoes that he thought were "really cool!" I told him he could get them for his fall school shoes if he learned how to tie them himself. After a nicely done lecture by myself about how it would take a while to learn and practice would be required, etc, he agreed and we got the shoes.
We sat down right next to the cashier on the floor while I gave him his first lesson in the middle of the Sears Department Store. We worked on it for about 5 minutes before I decided it was enough for the moment because Bryce had taken all the boxes off the middle display shelf, lined them up and proceeded to run and jump over each one in a line(about 7 boxes total)and hadn't quite cleared the last one after going through the 'box line' obstacle course about 5 times.
At home, Carter ran upstairsto get on his spider man pajama's so he would be totally in the spirit and "look like spider-man." Carter got changed and back to work. He didn't give up and kept at it. We took a break mid afternoon because we were both getting frustrated. My frustration because of his whining/tone, etc and his b/c he just couldn't do it quite yet, but was oh so close! He kept pulling the 'bunny ear' too far through the hole.
When he finally got it later afternoon he was so proud of himself and I was so proud of his perseverance and diligence! Now we have a great life lesson to pull out of the hat when times are hard and how nothing worthwhile is ever easy and all those great cliche lines. :)
Atta boy Carter! You did it, just like I knew you could!

These taken a week after just before sports camp when he realized he can tie ANY lace shoes- even his running shoes! TA-DA!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Typical FHE activity

We have family home evening on Tuesday nights since I teach pilates Monday nights. Inevitably for the past few month, who ever gets to chose the family activity that night picks either hide and seek or 'monster.'
Monster for those who haven't played is quite simple. Brady is the monster, and the boys run. The boys can get caught several times and released, save each other, or come to base- me. The game is typically over when someone is bleeding, bumped or has a goose egg on his head.
This night, we played monster at the park and the boys (Brady included) had a blast!
The tire swing of course is "jail" where they need to stay until they escape without Brady seeing them. In my opinion, the tire swing is really a torture chamber b/c if anyone were to swing me that fast in circles... yeah, that's torture. For whatever reason, the boys find is hysterical.

(Off to jail)

(This was the first time I noticed Carter able to do the monkey bars all by himself. Boy was he proud! And so was his mama!)
(Monkey see...monkey do. Except Bryce just got there, swung, and dropped like the monkey he really is- from way to high might I add!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

On Christmas Eve...

(Sing this to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree") I'm weird, I know....

On, Christmas eve, on Christmas eve, we're going to have a baby
On, Christmas eve, on Christmas eve, we'll maybe have a baby.
Carter was three weeks too soon
With Bryce weeks late, I was a big balloon.
On Christmas eve, on Christmas eve, we'll maybe have a baby!

Yes, we are expecting our third little one sometime within the 5 week span around the due date which is Christmas eve. Who knows what to expect will the difference in arrivals between my first two boys. We are very excited (and a little scared) for this special spirit to be born to us.

As always, pregnancy isn't the easiest thing for me (or any woman for that matter)and nausea and exhaustion have been my constant companions. The past few days however, I didn't throw up once, which hopefully means now that I'm about 16 weeks, I'll be feeling better and better.

I'm already starting to "show" kind of but not really. It's that belly that kind of hangs out, bigger than normal, and feeling too sick and tired to care, let it. But, none of my clothes fit which is a big bummer and I'm not quite ready for maternity clothes. I guess I'll just have to wear my "does this baby make me look fat?" shirt more. I wore it to my pilates classes when I taught last week. I'm sure they were wondering what the heck was up with the woman who talks about "core strength" and the "abdominal scoop or lift" with her belly hanging out. :)

The boys know I'm having a baby and I've told them I feel sick. When I am feeling sick I tend to burp instead of throw up sometimes- gross I know! And with all my parenting about how burping is rude, I tell them, it's because I'm feeling sick growing a baby that I burp more). Bryce however thinks this is hilarious and says, "Baby! Stop burping mommy!" and cracks up laughing each time.
Carter says then, "Oh, Bryce, don't laugh and mommy, she is not feeling good" in a sweet voice.
I have the best kids ever. :)

Summer time

(working side by side...)

We love summer fruit and especially to go to local farms and pick our own. We went Strawberry picking in June and had a great time picking and eating. Bryce mostly eating. :) Carter as always, was very particular as to what ones he picked. They needed to be just right. He is a great helper that way and I know I won't have green or tiny ones to pick out before we buy.

(how Bryce spent his picking time)

(picking out the reddest, biggest, most perfect berries he can find).

(all that picking... I mean eating must have worn out poor little Bryce :)

Happiets place on earth!

I've been almost dreading posting our very fun trip to Orlando, FL only because we did SO MUCH is such a short period of time I know I won't remember something, or hurt my brain trying. But it's been a month so here it goes...
We flew to Orlando the last week of May, the day after Carter's pre-school graduation and met Brady's siblings, and parents for a fun filled week (almost)of Disney! We stayed at Brady's Aunt Susan and Uncle John's place in Orlando b/c they are mission Presidents there for another year or so. It was awesome! Food in the cabinets, dinner made for us a night or two... what nice hosts! THANK YOU!
We started off the week with a character breakfast with Mickey, Pluto, lilo and stitch. We quickly realized we should have been more prepared with autograph books. They boys loved that! Bryce was saying from the plane ride, "where is mickey mouse?" After breakfast, we went to Wet n' Wild water park which the boys loved. The next day was Magic Kingdom, which was fun. We got poured on in the afternoon for a few hours though which was a bummer. The lines were kind of crazy too (probably b/c memorial day had been the day before). But overall, it was a great day. We stayed until the 10pm fireworks which were amazing to see over Cinderella's castle. Carter and Bryce got to chose a souvenir- so after much tears, debating, talking and compromise... they decided to 'share' a more expensive souvenir and got the Disney train. It's a fairly big train with a few Disney characters that can go on board and even puffs real smoke. Pretty cool.
Then next day, animal kingdom. I actually liked this a lot more than I thought. Much more laid back and many characters so the kids could get their autograph books signed without waiting an hour. The lion king show was beautiful and very cool!
Next day, after discovering our passes had an additional day on it, we went to Hollywood Studio's (formerly MGM). That park was one of my favorites. There weren't really any lines, and full of different plays/shows which were so fun and the kids loved. The toy story ride was awesome! The rest of the family left the next morning, but we still had 2 more days left because we came down a bit after the others. So onward with the crazy week.....
We decided to do Magic Kingdom again and see if the lines were better and hoped for better weather. (Each day we did seem to wear our ponchos at least once).
The lines and weather were both much better. Carter, Bryce and Brady loved the teacup ride! Mostly Brady. He was spinning them crazy fast that all the other people I was standing with were pointing at them and commenting. Carter loved to drive his own race car on the Speedway. They both loved the little roller coaster in toontown. Peter Pan ride for Bryce and Splash Mountain for Carter were definite favorites. Carter still talks about Splash Mountain and how fun it was.
Our last day we were all Disney'd out. We opted for Gator land which was very cool. We fed eemo's, deer, turkey's and alligators. Yes, alligators. Crocs too. They sold hot dogs to feed them. It was pretty cool. Carter thought it was more cool to see a big bird sticking half out of an alligators mouth that he was trying to eat. Must have missed the 'attack' but lucky us got to see the bird get chewed (or part of the process. It was a big bird!).
It was great to see family and of course Mickey and friends. :) Other than mid-day meltdowns it really was the happiest place on earth and we made some great memories there! Oh, dont' worry pictures to follow when I have more time.... but which ones????