Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cast and pin removal

Yesterday was a big day for Bryce and our family. The cast came off and the pins came out. I want to be excited about this because that means he is on the road to recovery, however, I think I am too nervous to be excited. The doctor said the bone is healing nicely but it's a waiting game to see what will be the final outcome. Brady being the accountant number man he is, asks what the statistics are that he'll get the full use of his arm back. The doctor says that although he's done hundreds of broken arms, he can't give us a statistic for Bryce because he hasn't seen many with such a "displaced, severe break." So, we are trying to be optimistic which is hard for me when I feel like the surgeon was not so much so. But, I'm sure he is just doing his job and it's like when they told us Bryce might have trouble breathing again on his own after surgery...full disclosure for all the possibilities even if they are not favorable.
When Carter left for preschool he said, "I'm going to pray for Bryce today at school that he'll be so brave and his arm will get better." Bryce was so brave although cried a lot while they power sawed off his cast, x-rayed it again in painful positions with pressure on the pins and again while they pulled the pins out with pliers. There was a lot more blood than I had anticipated with that one. Before x-rays I said, we are just going to take a few pictures of your arm and Bryce said, "no thanks." When the doctor came in to remove the pins, he also told Bryce he was going to take them out and once again Bryce said, "no thanks." Poor Bryce, good manners didn't get him anywhere...
Bryce has been acting very timid and appears to be nervous about his arm being exposed. There are just 2 band-aids covering the area the pins used to be. We are supposed to keep him calm (whatever that means for a 2 year old boy) and let him try to use his arm again when he is ready but not lift more than a cup of milk. So far, he doesn't want to use it and he's been saying "owie arm" more not that it is not supported. He had a hard time going and staying asleep last night.
The doctor said it's a balance act. Although it's not fully healed, if the pins stay in they risk infection and a more painful recovery down the road as they will try to force him to straighten it and the longer it's in the cast, the less range of motion he'll be able to get back. However, with it out, it is vulnerable to being re fractured. I guess I'll just have to put my trust in the doctor, and more importantly in the Lord.
(Pins now in my hand. Long huh?)
(Watching Grinch with Daddy)
(poor arm_
(Leaving the doctor in the elevator. He's not sure what to think...)

(Waiting for the doctor)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cost effectiveness

Being married to an accountant turned financial planner, and having my father own his company as a financial planner, it's been inevitable that I would pick up a few phases and words from their world. One that struck me today was "does the cost outweigh the benefits" or "is this cost effective?" Or something along those lines. For example, the price for a 5 minute shower is pricey and I have yet to decide if it is cost effective when inevitably one of the kids ends up crying (usually Bryce because Carter pushes him), something spills, or death defying stunts are being performed. But this morning I HAD to shower. Had to. It had been 2 days and I had to go teach and it was time. My time. My 5 stinkin, lousy minutes filled with worry amongst the soap, shampoo and conditioner. Thinking I'm smart to leave the boys eating their cereal, I run upstairs quick as can be and hop in the shower. About 2 minutes in Bryce come in, pulls back the curtain crying. I ask him what is wrong and he says, "Ta-daw me!" (AKA Carter pushed or hit or pinched me). I yell for Carter to get upstairs and come talk to me. I hear yelling back. I yell, "I can't hear you! I'm in the shower! Come in here so I can talk to you!" Meanwhile hurrying to get out the shampoo and trying to comfort Bryce while keeping the water in the shower, not all over the floor. More yelling from downstairs from a strong willed four year old who wants to plead his case. I yell again, "you've got 10 seconds..." I begin counting and on 8 Carter is in the bathroom as well on the other side of the curtain. I ask him what happens and he confesses that he wanted Bryce to hurry and eat and stop talking so he wouldn't be late for school. Bryce kept on talking so Carter pinched his cheeks. I thank Carter for telling me the truth and send him to his room for 5 minutes because if he can't help keep our family safe, he needs to be alone until he calms down and thinks about what he can do differently next time. Of course there is whining and screaming "my cereal will get soggy" and the likes. By now I've conditioned and rinsed. I turn off the water. Bryce has left the bathroom. I call for him to go read books in his room or finish eating. I get the towel, dress quickly and should have known it was too quiet. The advent calender is now a few days short of chocolates and I see him feeding sheepie one. There is also a bag of chips he is eating that is leaving orange dust on my carpet. How can so much go so wrong so soon???
I clean up that mess to come downstairs to spilled OJ on the table and floor. I clean that up, go upstairs and Bryce is now eating toothpaste. Carter yelling, "has it been five minutes?" The phone rings. I ignore it. Bryce is crying because his mean mom won't let him eat toothpaste, chips and more chocolate. I almost start crying. I've been up since 5:30am with Bryce, there is a mess, and Carter is going to be late for school which means I'll be late to drop off Bryce and late to teach my class. Was the shower really worth it? Did the cost of my shower outweigh the benefits? To be determined...

Rainy Thursdays...

It's been raining here for the past few days and one of those days happened to be yesterday...a Thursday. Thursday mornings are my mornings to teach Pilates in Rockville (20 minute drive) and I watch my friends two kids. A one year old boy, and four year old girl. So, I have 4 kids 4 and under driving to Rockville and it's raining. The rain itself doesn't bother me. But when there is never any parking at this gym and I have to park so far away with 4 kids AND it's raining, it makes me a little cranky. So, I give the diaper bag to one 4 year old, the other gets to hold my water, and I carry the 1 year old and 2 year old in each arm. Keep in mind it's raining. No, not even raining...it's pouring and the old man is snoring. Seriously dark and pouring. Worried that someone is going to get hit by a car we always rush in after exiting the car, not looking back, but all around me to make sure my flock is safe and not getting any wetter than usual. We did it....we're in. Then it's getting coats off, and shoes back on (Bryce insists on kicking off his shoes AND socks EVERY SINGLE time we get in the car), sign them in, give hugs and kisses, say goodbye and I make my way up the stairs to each in just enough time.
Beginning the class I hear over the intercom, "is there a fitness first member with a blue SUV?" Crap. I'm sure one of the kids left a door open or something and my car is getting soaked or even worse, the purse, GPS, and cell phone that is sitting on the passenger seat are stolen. Not that anyone would even see it covered in preschool projects, old snacks, sippie cups and the bag I've been meaning to drop off at the thrift store for the past two weeks.
I tell my class I need to see what's going on and I"ll be right back. Just 25 people in there waiting for me is all....
I run down the stairs as the manager runs up asking me by name if that's my car. How odd I think that she would think it was mine. Did I really let on to the rest of the world that my life was so chaotic that it had to be me who was negligent enough to leave their car door wide open in the pouring rain?
Sure enough, there it was. My blue Toyota Highlander with the back door wide open. Everything was just as it should be although now the old cheerio crumbs were not crumbs but wet mush and the once dried finger paint on the preschool projects were wet and runny again, with an additional wet car seat and floor. Great. I can't wait to do it all over again when my class ends in an hour and I have to get them all back in. Seriously, I need to do the anti-rain dance Wednesday nights from now on. I'm done with the rain thing...at least on Thursdays.

Chicken heart

So I'm upstairs getting ready to go teach Pilates at night after I get Brady and the boys situated for dinner. I hear some whining and Brady downstairs telling the boys, "I had to eat chicken heart on my mission, and I just said yum, this is good, thank you even though it was really gross."
Can anyone spot anything wrong with this statement?? First of all, I suppose we are teaching our kids it's okay to lie now. Secondly, is he really comparing my chicken enchiladas to chicken heart? Seriously??

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Live for today

So sometimes there are days where I feel like I've been yelling at my kids all day. Not really yelling, but you know what I mean. Short tempered, grumpy, so over making every little thing fun in a sweet upbeat voice...
This picture is after one of those days. After reading Carter books before bedtime I asked if I could just sit and hold him for a while. He was happy to and before long...

I just love that little guy so much and I can't believe how big he has gotten so soon. They really do grow up so fast and I just need to remember that and live in the moment more. Next year, he'll be gone most the day out in the real world at elementary school. Note to self: talk kinder, be more patient, live in the moment, 'let them be little' because they are not little for very long.

Kick it...kick it good!

Carter started playing soccer a week ago at an indoor sportsplex in Rockville. He really seems to be enjoying it. His class is called the hoppers which is 3-4 year olds. The next class up is 5-6 which he did the week before and he was the youngest/smallest since he is not even 5 yet, so this past week we switched which seems much more fun. I really like this coach a lot better too which makes a big difference I think. This past week, I had Bryce do a free trial class and boy is he good! He's like a little broken armed pro out there. We'll see what the surgeon say on Monday when we take him in to get the cast off and pins out. I'm really nervous about that. With the hard cast he can bump it into anything and leave a dent in the wall and not feel a thing. His little arm will just be so vulnerable and I hope it'll be okay. So, we may or may not enroll Bryce. Anyways, the boys had a blast and it's perfect timing since the boys need to move, run and jump and this is a safe and constructive way to do it instead of jumping on the bed! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas spirit

So Carter has been doing extra jobs around the house and for neighbors and ward members since summer to earn money. I guess he took my advice seriously when I told him to save his money when he would want something at the store. He is so funny because he collects toy magazines and cuts out his favorite things and tapes them on to computer paper and then staples the papers together to make his own catalogue. He loves this thing and it's gotten huge! It consists mostly of remote control cars, trains, and airplanes. Lately he's been wanting a geo trax train/airplane set, race track and remote control cars. This thing goes everywhere and he wants to show everyone. He even falls asleep looking at this thing! Anyways, after months of saving and getting excited about all his choices, yesterday was the big spending day. He bought an orange remote control car for $8.00 at Lakeforest Mall at KB Toys. He then saw a cool motorcycle toy that goes up the escalator and down the track again and again and Bryce was enjoying watching it. Carter whispered to me, "I'm going to buy that for Brycie for his Christmas present. Don't let him see it!" I let he spend $2.00 and I spent the other $10.00. He was so excited he wanted Bryce to open it right away and was upset when I said no. He loved playing with his car when we got home and even let Bryce have a few turns. :)
Then last night he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his money the next day (today) and buy 'poor children in the orphanage' toys because they didn't have any. I asked him if he was sure and he said he was. I was torn. I remember calling a hotline number when I was about 10 or 11 after seeing an infomercial about how just "10 cents a day can save a child. I calculated that if I spent all my allowance each week, I would have just enough to support a child in need. My parents didn't want me to spend all my money and said I could just spend half and they would match the other half. I thought at the time that it was really nice of them, but I really wanted to do it myself. I get now as a parent, knowing how hard Carer has worked that he should spend it on something he's been saving for, but remembering that experience when I was younger said he could do whatever he wanted with his money. So this afternoon we colored Christmas cards for those children "who have no toys" and wrote them letters. After Bryce got up from his nap, we were off to the mall again. He changed his mind halfway there and decided he wanted to get his Uncle Brian a race car just like his instead of a child at the orphanage. He said, "I'll save my money for them next time." Uncle Brian has been gone all semester at BYU- Idaho and Carter has missed him. So, he spent half the money he had left on Uncle Brians race car and was so excited. He spent the other half on this race track that has three tiny cars that go up the escalator and race down the mini track. I finally just told him to turn it off a half hour ago- 10 pm! We drove over to my parents house to wrap it right away and put it under the tree so it would be there when he came home on Saturday. He kept saying things like, "Uncle Brian will really love this.... He's going to open it right away, but he has to wait for Christmas.... He's going to say, 'I love it' and play with it all day and not open his other presents because he is having too much fun!" I guess it's true what they say that it's more fun to give than receive.


Bryce is at such a funny age. A few days ago he notices a purple marking on his broken arm just above the cast. (The surgeon checked it before surgery so they would operate on the correct arm...comforting....) Anyways, he sees the marker and says with a distraught look on his face, "no no doctor my arm. Color paper." Too funny. Can you tell we've had a discussion or two about the proper place to color??

The past few weeks Bryce has been wanting to say the prayers without help which is pretty much the same. Dear Ha ha, (mumble hum sound) food, (mumble hum sound) blessings (shouts) AMEN with a huge smile on his face. Tonight he wanted it to be sheepies turn so he whispers in sheepies ear what is written above and then after "amen" claps and says "yay she she!"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My name is Carter...

I love fast and testimony meetings. Today while the bishop was bearing his testimony, Carter leans over to me, "mommy...mommy..." I tell him I'm trying to listen to the bishop. He then goes to daddy who listens. I hear him saying something about bearing his tesimony and Brady says he needs to do it all by himself which Carter says, "okay. Can I go up now?" When the bishop is done, Carter marches his little four year old self straight up to the microphone in front of the whole congregetion. They lower the pulpit for him and get him a stool. Brady and I look at each other like what are we supposed to do? Go up with him? Stay put? We don't move. Once Carter is up there and situation on the stool, you can just see his little face barely over the pulpit. He says, "My name is Carter. When I was in Idaho, we went to the temple, in Idaho and I got to go inside the temple and I felt the spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." He smiles real big and marches on back to our seat. I, or course have tears running down my face. Now he's the big boy and I'm the baby. :)
"I have no greater joy than this, to see my children walk in truth..."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Toddler fun

These are one of Bryce's favorite "toys" these days. Apparently they are fun to unwrap and pop out leaving the box of now opened tampons all over the floor. The joys of having a toddler.

What if He didn't have any ears?

Last night during family scripture study, Carter asks some interesting questions. It went like this:
Carter: "how does Heavenly Father hear everyone's prayers?"
Us :He knows each of us and always wants to hear from us, and can listen to our words and our hearts even when we don't say anything outloud.
Carter: "what is Heavenly Father's ears fell off or didn't have any ears?"
Us: He has a perfect body so He does have ears.
Carter: "But what if He didn't or they broke?"
Us: Well, He does have ears, but even if He didn't he could hear us with his heart and mind because He is our Father. He made our spirits.
Carter: "What if He is sleeping?"
Us: He can still hear you no matter what time it is or where you are. All the time.
Carter: "So we just wake Him up?" (while closing his eyes acting like he is waking up groggy...)
Us: I don't know how that works. If he sleeps or is always awake. I do know that no matter when, what time it is, He is always very happy to hear from you so it wouldn't matter to him if you woke Him up. He would just be happy you are talking with Him.
Carter: "oh. I'm stronger than Satan."
Us: We know you are.
Carter: "Because I have big muscles look...(holds out arm to feel his muscle) and Satan has little teeny tiny muscles this big (hold out his fingers in a pinch size saying 'teeny tiny' in a high pitched voice).
Us: Actually, you are a lot stronger than him because you have a body and Satan doesn't. He has NO muscles."
Carter: "None?! Wow!"
Us: Nope, he didn't get a body like we did because we followed Heavenly Fathers plan and he didn't.
Carter: "And Satan sometimes tries to trick me, but I don't let him."
Us: Yeah, me too.
Carter: "Well sometimes I do. Sometimes I push Bryce and squeeze his cheeks really hard and say butt and stupid when Brayden(friend from class)does. I know we don't say that in our family and it's bad words, but I can't stop! Does that mean I can't live in Heaven???" (worried now eyes big).
Us: Of course not. We all make mistakes. Every day. That's what is so great about Jesus being born and then dying for us. We can repent and try again. And as long as we keep on trying we'll be able to go to Heaven and live with Heavenly Father again.
Carter: "When?"
Us: We're not sure. When Jesus comes again.
Carter: For two times?
Us: Yes, because he was already on the earth once. Remember when he was born in Bethlehem and got baptized and taught all the people?
Carter: "Oh yeah. Can I cut out a race track now?"

It's humbling to be answering such big important questions and I hope I answered him right and can always answer his questions. It made me realize I need to do a better job reading scriptures and praying myself. We can't teach what we don't know. I always want to be able to teach my children the ways of the Lord and can only do that if I know the Lord personally like He knows me and search out the holy scriptures that testify of Him and Christ.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving this year at Deep Creek Lake. There was about a foot of snow which all the kids loved. We met my parents, grandparents from Colorado (my mom's parents, sister Brooke and her fiance Dave, and my other sister and brother in law with their 4 kids. It was actually very relaxing and the men were great with watching and playing with the kids while the women were in the kitchen preparing the food. I was in charge of the sweet potatos this year which I've always hated, but this recipe I have has a lot of sugar and butter so it doesn't taste like sweet potatos at all- it's like a pie. YUM! It was so fun being all together and the cousins all got along really well. We had a fire going the whole time and the kids (minus broken armed Bryce) spent a lot of time swimming in the pool and hot tub.
My mom treated the women to a spa day the next day and I got an amazing hot stone massage and facial. We then all went in the hot tub and relaxed and chatted. Can't get any better than that! Did you know there is such a thing as cucumber water? Refreshing. Here's some Thanksgiving pictures.

(The turkey leaf that Carter made in preschool of what he is grateful for. He traced his hand and made a turkey and around the leaf it says, "I am thanksful for Holly because she gives me kisses on the inside of my ear!" Gross.

(Poor Bryce just watching the other cousins swim through the window on the door)

(Swimming fun)

(Carter helping me mix the sweet potatos...what a mess we made!)

(Carter peeling sweet potatos. Bryce putting stuffing in a pot. What great helpers)

(You sunk my battleship!)

(Daredevil Carter getting ready to sled)

(Faster Carter!)
(Almost as good as popsicles...)
(Grandma with some of the grandkiddos)

I have so many things to be grateful for and saw this on a friends post so thought I'd be a copycat and give it a try to name a few things I'm grateful for this year
T- Three males in my life who are the most important people to me. Who love me unconditionally and are the joy and reason to my life. I love you Brady, Carter and Brycie~
H- Hard casts. I don't know what I'd have done in the 'olden days' if my toddler broke his arm so severly. I'm grateful for surgeons, hospitals, medication and yes, the protection we now have from the hard cast on Bryce's arm as it heals.
A- Atonement. I'm so grateful to my elder brother Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice. Without Him, I would not be able to live with my Heavenly Father again and be with my family forever. He is the perfect example I try to emulate and although fall short time and time again, it's okay. That's the point of the atonement.
N- Naps. I just love a good Sunday nap when we can get them.
K- King size bed! It is so nice to be able to face the same direction without our knees knocking into eachother. I also enjoy not being hit in the head with Brady's elbow when he turns over.
S- Singing. I love to sing and express my emotions through music.
G- Gospel. I'm so grateful for the faith and courage of Joseph Smith who restored Christ's church to the earth. For the Preisthood power, for temples that families can be togehter forever. For the knowlege of the plan of happiness and for the happiness, peace and joy I experience by being part of such a tremendous blessing.
I- Insurance. Between our car accident and two trips to the ER with Bryce in the past couple months, we'd be in big trouble without it. Childrens Hospital bill alone was almost 20,000 so far and the bills are still rolling in.
V- Vitamins. This way, I can kind of negate what I ate during the day by taking one pill, it's like the cookies for lunch and chips for breakfast were nutritious.
I- Ice cream. Especially cookies and cream, and milkshakes, and magic shell topping on ice cream. MMMM.... Or and the Internet which makes blogging possible. :)
N- Never ending water supply from my tap. I love water and can't seem to get enough!
G- Getting my back scratched every night by such a sweet, wonderful husband. I love the back scratch!

2- 2 beautiful boys that keep me on my toes and let me know more about our Heavenly Father's love than I ever though possible.
0- 0 debt, especially in todays economy. What a blessing and relief!
0- 0 gray hairs- yet. Okay, actually I think I may have seen 1 the other day- I think, or maybe it was just really blonde? Anyways, it got me thinking about it...
8- 8 years of knowing my incredible husband Brady. Seven of which we've been married. I "never knew I could feel like this..." Someone mentioned in church during a talk that life never ends up how you picture it or how you imagined it would. The person beside me said under her breath, "you've got that right" and turned to me and asked if it was different than I thought. I replied, "yes. It's way better." Thanks for showing me was real love and happiness is Brady. I love you and count you as one of my greatest blessings.