Monday, June 28, 2010


Carter thinks so deeply about things which of course result in a lot of questions, many of which I can't answer.
Tonight it was about the Resurrection.
Carter: "mommy if everyone and everything is resurrected, what about dinosaurs? What about T-rex's?"
Me: Yes, Dinosaurs will be resurrected too.
Carter: (worried expression)
Me: But in the scriptures it says that the 'lamb and the lion shall lie down together without any ire.' Do you know what that means?
Carter: No.
Me: It means that all the people and animals resurrected will get along and be happy. Usually lions eat lambs, but after we are resurrected, no one eats anyone. No one gets hurt, everyone is happy and gets along. In fact, maybe I'll take a ride on a t-rex.
Carter: But, even if they don't eat anyone, they are still so big. They will step on things on accident. Like buildings. They will crush all the buildings.
Me: I don't know how it all works out honey. I don't know if there will be buildings, or if all the people are together, and the dinosaurs are separate... But do you know what I do when I don't understand things?
Carter: Pray.
Me: Yes, you are right. We can always pray. And even if we don't get the answer, we can pray for peace and just to not worry about it. We can also have faith. Do you know what that means?
Carter: (shakes his head with tired, rolling eyes)
Me: To just trust in God even though we don't know everything. I know that God knows everything and has a plan. So, some things I don't need to worry about because I know He will take care of it. I just know we'll all be happy.
Carter: Did you know that some people pray all day?
Me: Like Enoch in the scriptures?
Carter: yes. Maybe some people here too.
Me: Maybe. I've never met anyone who has prayed all day long before though.
Carter: Me either. So does that mean they can't get a drink or something to eat because they are busy praying or can they take a break?
Me: I'm not sure how it works. I like to keep a prayer in my heart all day so it's like praying all day.
Carter: How do you do that?

And so it continues...

This morning it was, "did God really take a rib out of Adams side to make Eve? Good think I actually knew the answer to that one. And that was following the question "can boys marry boys and girls marry girls?"

Later it was, "will _______ ever get a blessing? (Dad is not a member of the church. And then "How?" And then, "what if she doesn't have Home teachers?

Carter, my sweet boy. I hope you always come to me with your questions, even if I don't always have all the answers. I love you and your questions. :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Little Miss

I can't believe this baby is 5 months! We call her Little Miss quite a bit and she loves to have anything and everything in her mouth. She loves different textures and is always grabbing for things to suck and chew on, especially her hands.
She is such a sweet and happy little girl. Unless she is eating or trying to sleep. Poor thing has such digestive/stomach issues. After being diagnosed with reflux when she was barely a week old and being on prevacid, she has had pain laying down, or eating, and recently in the last month constipated (whole month without going on her own). What breast-fed baby does that happen to?!? Mine.
Poor thing. Just took her to her GI specialist this past week and in addition to tripling her prevacid, she is also taking milk of magnesia every day to help her poo. It's working, but seriously, these are medicines for ADULTS, not a toothless, hairless cherub faced baby! Sigh.
What's a mother to do?
So far, so good though. She slept for the longest ever last night at 4.5 hrs. It felt really nice. Didn't even cry for a couple hrs before bed like usual. Maybe the GI knows what she is talking about and I should stop calling her an idiot. Well, that's a big maybe. My goal is to still have her weaned off the medicines sooner than later. Especially the milk of magnesia. It's been 3 weeks.
On a happier note, she is now rolling over and just as happy as can be most the time. She loves to grab her cute little toes. She is so stinkin cute and I love her chubby little legs and big kissable cheeks. She loves her daddy and brothers as much as they love her. There is something so sweet about big brothers talking so lovingly, and holding/playing with her so gently and kindly.
(rolling over the first time)


Carter loves to bear his testimony just about every fast Sunday during sacrament meeting. I need to start writing some of them down, and decided a quick post would a good way to document these sweet messages he shares with our ward and the Lord.
Today he said "My name is Carter. While I was listening and practicing my primary songs in my room, I felt the spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ amen."
He has such a sensitive spirit and I love it. He is a great example to his father and I in addition to his little brother and sister.
In fact, last month Bryce wanted to bear his testimony. I asked what he wanted to say and he said that he wanted to say that he loves primary and loves Heavenly Father and Jesus. We said, he could go bear his testimony if he wanted, but had to do it by himself. After patiently waiting up on the stand through about 4-5 people's testimonies, he got really shy and didn't want to go up anymore. Brady bore his testimony instead. Today, Bryce wanted to bear his testimony again but it got busy so didn't go up and his little feeling were so hurt and he pouted a bit. I think next time he wants to go up, instead of grilling him and making sure he knows he needs to do it on his own, a line up on the stand started so it was too late. I'm so grateful for my children and their testimonies. I feel so blessed and learn so much from them.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I hate that word. Not even sure why really. I just don't like it. Our kids say "pass gas." Yeah, they are the cool kids in school for sure.
Anyways, of course hearing all kinds of fun words in kindergarten this year (luckily none too bad... yet), I hear Carter say the "F" word. Yes, Fart.
He asks me if it's a bad word. I told him it's not a bad word, I just think it's crude and there are other words to use instead. He asked, "what about 'toot?'" That's fine I say. He says, "and pass gas?" That too is fine I say.
So, Carter tells me after school they are reading a book from a series called, Arther the Farting Dog, or something like that. (I think it's Arther) Anyways... they are reading this in school and the teacher asked the question, "why did Arther fart so much?" Carter told me he raised his hand and said, "Arther tooted because he ate too many treats." His teacher asked him, "why did you say toot?" Carter said, "because fart is a cranked up word." I think he was going for the word, "crude," but whatever. Good for him! I am sure proud of that boy for keeping our family standards, even when he is not around the family. And not that "fart" is a huge deal, but it's the principle of it that makes me so proud of him.


I'm not even sure how to write/spell Eeney-Meany... but I am enjoying the game. For whatever reason, arguments, disagreements, fights and whining/crying can all be stopped with this simple game. Lately whenever the boys have a "problem" with who's turn it is to play with whatever, this simple rhyme does the trick and no one even disputes the tiger who hollers who's turn it is.

After hearing how well it worked when they played, I thought I'd try it when they both wanted to say prayer at a meal, or both wanted their book read first. It worked for me too- not a peep after the rhyme had chosen. Why didn't I come across this earlier?!