Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ours forever

Today, Aubryn was laying on a blanket and Bryce was talking to her while I was in the other room. Bryce comes running in and says, "Mom! Aubryn is doing tricks!" I ask what she is doing and he says she is kicking her feet up by her head and trying to sit up. I get excited with him and he goes back in to play with Aubryn. A minute later he runs in again and says, "Can we keep her forever mommy? I want to keep her." Me too little man, me too.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lesson learned

While I was teaching pilates last month, the boys were being loud and crazy (as they tend to be while getting ready for bed), while Brady was trying to get Aubryn to sleep and Brady getting frustrated said to the boys something along the lines of, it hard trying to get her to sleep and the boys keep waking her up, so if they don't be quiet, they will have to put her to sleep. They were excited to accept the challenge. Carter sang to her for quite a while as Bryce and Carter both stacked blanket upon blanket upon stuffed animal on her. Much to Brady's amazement, she did go to sleep after 20 or so minutes. The boys did say how hard it was and I've even heard them remind the other at times, "shhhh... quiet or we'll have to put her back to sleep!"
Coming home that night to this....

... was interesting to say the least. Glad she didn't suffocate and that red stuffed dog, "Clifford," is about 5 times her size...

When I took off the stuffed animals and blanket and put them on the other side of the crib...

Seriously, all of that was on her and the picture doesn't even do it justice. Oh well... nicely done boys.

Another milestone...

I love it when they grab their little toes!

She is getting so big so fast. She had her 4 month appt today is weighs 16.6 lbs which puts her in the 90th percentile for weight and measuring 27 inches long, she is off the chart for height.
She is so loved by this family, especially her big brothers. :)

Sometimes too loved... lol.

Bryce brushing her non-existant hair

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brycie boo-boo

Bryce is one funny kid. Things he says just crack me up. His nickname has been Brycie since he was a baby and gradually became Brycie-boo, and then that graduated into Brycie boo-boo (a nickname my mom gave him b/c he always has a bruise, cut or bump on the head from all his "adventures"). So now sometimes for short we just call him boo or boo-boo. Anyways, thought I'd explain the title. Back to my funny little boy. He is always saying things that make me and those around him laugh. This is not funny to him though. When people laugh, he gets a serious scowl and asks (especially my mom)"why you always laugh at me??" I always tell him b/c he is so cute or because I'm happy and when I'm happy, I sometimes laugh. He is still not amused with our amusement.
I wish I did a better job writing down everything he says, but for now a couple things I remember I'll write here.
Of course boo-boo is always getting hurt b/c he is so fearless on his bike, scooter, running, or whatever else he happens to be climbing on of jumping off of. He ended up getting a little cut on his pointer finger below the joint and above the knuckle. On the left hand he has a hemangeoma (red birthmark) that we call his birthmark. When getting this cut, he was so distraught, not b/c it hurt but he worriedly cried out, "oh no!!! Mommy, look! My birthmark is ruined!" And he started to cry. I grabbed his other hand, put it in front of his face to show him it was on the other hand the whole time, and he looks at it says, "oh" and laughs. (showing off his birthmark)

After the dentist the other day, Bryce said he wanted to go back to the dentist b/c he wanted another prize from the box. What kid would do the dentist thing again for a cheap plastic frog? Probably the same one who wanted to get a shot last time we were at the doctors so he could get a dum-dum lolipop. Anyways, I asked him if he liked the dentist and he said he did, he just didn't like the vaccuum they stuck in his mouth.
The past little bit, we've been trying to memorize scriptures as a family. The bishop (my dad) invites the primary children to his office after church one at a time to share a scripture, article of faith or act of service they did that week. (Oh, and they get a piece of candy too). This past week we did a scripture from proverbs, "There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." We talked about what that meant- how Christ is always there even if our family and brother is not and how he will never leave us and although we can't see him, we know he is there and 'sticks' by us.
Anyways, Bryce always quotes it (and sings it- b/c these scriptures are part of hide em in your heart which puts scripture to music), even after going over it with him quizzing him "who is that friend in the scripture?" "Jesus!" And thinking he understood it, he asks me a few days ago, why is the friend made of sticks??"
Even today I hear him singing around the house, "there is a friend, made of sticks..."

Easter on the farm

Well, not really. It was a petting zoo actually, but it sure was fun. There is a little farm not too far from here that had an egg hunt. They also have storybook land where there are different sculptures/scenes set up like fairy tales. It was fun to go through a forest maze and stop at all the different set ups. Reminded me of my childhood actually since I had gone there as a child. Well a different place... this farm restored the originals from the old storybook land.
Anyways, they boys did a hayride, played on the slides in the shape of rainbows or a slice of cheese (hickory dickory dock), and best of all got to feed and pet some animals. They boys loved it and were pretty fearless. Bryce liked to chase the chickens... poor things. Carter fell in love with this one goat born in February so they share the same bday month.
Poor Bryce was on his first day of antibiotics for an ear infection and although wanting to have fun and be a good sport, whined and cried a lot of the time. Poor kid. I hate it where there is nothing I can do as a mom to help make the pain go away. The next day was Easter Sunday and we found baskets around the house with coloring sticker books, super-hero jammies (Spider man for Bryce, Batman for Carter), other knick knacks and best of all little tennis rackets with training tennis balls. They were so excited to go out back to the tennis courts and try them out, which we did of course. After church, we met at grandma and grandpas house with the Harris family for dinner after listening to general conference.
The kids caught tadpoles and frogs and all love playing on the trampoline and riding the bikes and scooters there. We found out the Harris family is moving to Hawaii in July for 3 years and are going to miss them so much- although it will be fun to visit. :)