Sunday, October 18, 2009's keeps growing and growing...

My belly that is!
Here's me at 30 weeks... here's to another 10 weeks! (unless it's like Carter's pregnancy... then, here's to another 7)!
(Or if it's like the pregnancy with Bryce... then, here's to another 12! But I sure hope not... let's hope for a 2009 baby...)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Father/Son outing

(all ready to go!)
Brady and the boys took advantage of the beautiful fall weather by going on a bike ride. The boys were very excited about riding in the trailer (most likely b/c they knew they could pack snacks). So geared up with their two big packages of Costco sized fruit snacks, they were ready to go. They drove first to Bethesda and took the Capital Crescent Trail all the way to DC! I was SO surprised the boys lasted that long. I thought they'd sit about a half hour- 45 minutes tops, but all together they rode about 2 hrs and 14 miles. Apparently there was a lot to see and changes of scenery between the Potomac river, tunnels, trees and wildlife. They both brought a pair of toy binoculars to see animals along the trail. Bryce was so tuckered out, he just fell asleep on good ole big brothers shoulder for part of the ride home. I can't wait until I can join them, but I have to say, I did enjoy the quiet at home getting things done knowing they were having a great time. When is the next one scheduled???
(all tuckered out!)

Armor of God

(Carter. Check out those gold painted Nike's)! - My mom taught seminary for several years and did this with her class. The apron as the "loins" and shoes are courtesy of her and her creativity!
(Bryce. "Hey! Who turned out the lights??")

For family home evening I gave the lesson about putting on the armor of God each day to protect ourselves from Satan's influences. I thought this would be especially good since Carter is out in the "world" not home near as much as he used to be.
As I read in the scriptures what each piece of armor represented, the boys took turns putting on that piece until they were completely covered and protected with the breastplate of righteousness, loins grit about with truth, feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation,and the sword of the spirit.
The boys - well mostly Carter understood it all when we broke it down piece by piece, concept by concept and it was really fun and they had a great time!

Welcome fall!

The boys and two neighbor friends laying in the leaf pile they raked up. The two younger kids would pick up leaves one at a time and put them in a little wagon and bring them to the pile. Carter used a little plastic rake.