Thursday, December 2, 2010

Parents Day!

This past Saturday, Brady and I are woken up by "Hooray, Hooray, it's parents day!" Each was holding a tray with a very LARGE bowl full of generic Life cereal (they are right, it is not as good as the real "Ee-oo cereal" AKA "Life." Became "ee-oo cereal" when Carter was a toddler it had a picture of Curious George on the front of the box so he called Life, Ee-Oo cereal. The name stuck... and we all still call it that. Anyways... did I mention the bowl was very large? I'm not a breakfast person myself and need time to wake up and hydrate before I eat, but it was parents day like it or not. :)
The boys were so excited, had huge smiles on their faces and felt so proud of themselves. Carer says, you are always serving us so we wanted to have a parents day and serve you. So sweet.
In addition to the cereal... the very large bowl of cereal and milk, they brought us up a cup of cold cider I had made from Thanksgiving. A cup of very sweet and cold cider. They went back downstairs for a moment and I seized my chance to dump my cereal into the toilet. Poor Brady would have to fend for himself. He was a good sport taking bites little by little. I heard them coming back upstairs and I ran from the bathroom and jumped into bed... just in time. Next, the cider had to go, but how? They boys were enjoying watching us "enjoy" our breakfast. Sip. "Ummm... good" I say. I ask for a napkin, and they happily skip out to fetch me what I ask for. I hurry back to the bathroom to dump the cider. Brady is just cracking up at this point. What sweet boys we have, and I can't wait until next "parent's day." (Didn't realize it would be the following Saturday and every Saturday following. Had to make the rule that b in b was only for birthdays so it could stay special).