Friday, July 22, 2011

Checking it twice...

On the way to Layhill gym where I was subbing a pilates class, Bryce and Carter were talking about what they were going to do there instead of just watch TV the whole time. (I HATE that they have it on)! Anyways, Carter brought his catalogue he made in preschool and adds on to periodically to look through and write Santa (whom he knows is not real, but keeping the "magic" alive for his younger siblings)informing him of his wish list. He said he was going to write a list, then he said, "well, maybe not a list because I don't want Santa to think that I'm greedy. Actually Santa knows everything so even if I write a list, he'll still know I'm not greedy and just giving him ideas." I said something about "yeah, Santa knows if you are bad or good, so he'll probably know that too." Bryce said, "Santa knows a lot but he doesn't know everything. He doesn't know when Jesus is going to come again. So, Heavenly Father is smarter than Santa Clause and Heavenly Father is even more powerful than Santa too." True that Bryce.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Painting the Roses Red!

Oh dear... how has my life become a Disney movie? But not the princess and prince live happily ever kind. The one that is all kinds of psycho. lol!
The title is of course referring to the song in Alice and Wonderland when they cards plant the wrong kinds of rose bushes. White roses grow, and the Queen of Hearts has little tolerance for imperfections. The cards want to keep their heads so they frantically paint the white roses red in hopes that they won't be beheaded almost knowing this last ditch effort is pointless, but not knowing what else to do. (As I am giving this recap, I am reminded why my children have not seen this movie or many other Disney movies for that matter....).
Anyways, I totally felt like the poor cards the other night while trying to get bright red paint out of Bryce's creme colored carpet. We're in the process of painting his room. It's going to be very cool- a pirate theme as he loves pirates and peter pan. The top is a light sky blue (also painted ceiling which I've never done before), the bottom an ocean blue with waves going all around. On one wall we're painting a mural of an island with an X and treasure, palm trees and row boat. I had just completed painting the red X...the ONLY red in the entire room when Aubryn woke up from her nap. I did not close the lid tight enough as I would discover a few hours later at bedtime.
Brady was working late and I was getting the 3 kids ready for bed. As I was taking a turn brushing Carters teeth, in comes Bryce running around like a mad man screaming "mommy, mommy... paint spilled!" I turned an noticed red at the bottom of his foot as he ran back from the bathroom into his room. I scream for him to stop which he promptly did. WHEW! However, I see a big spot of red paint and several blotches (footprints) all over his comforter on his bed (the mattress in on the floor right now), and on his carpet, into the hallway, and back again.
I pick him up and wash off his feet in the sink, scrub the bathroom so there is no more red paint in there and decide it best to get the kids in bed before I tackle the stupid paint. I am not mad, probably b/c I was in denial mode and just getting the kids to bed. I figured it would be easier to clean without 6 little feet running all over the place.
So, it was an hr later I'm laughing about it a bit as I tell Brady b/c hey, what else are you going to do? Brady however was less than amused.
In hind sight, I should have tried to sop up the big circle of paint before it sunk deep... and I mean deep into the stupid carpet.
I google what to do with latex paint in the carpet and try just about all of them. Laundry detergent, hot soapy water, Windex, this magic potion called "blaze" a door to door sales man sold me a couple years prior... nothing. In fact, it is even worse bc the stupid paint smears and it's been 3 hrs. My fingers are red and raw from chemicals and scrubbing. It is then I am struck with a brilliant idea!
Paint the carpet a tan/creme color! I think this in genius although part of me feels a little unsettled about it b/c it doesn't quite seem sane or practical especially since I'm trying to get OUT paint. Why put more IN?? And yet, I couldn't help myself. Totally empathizing with the cartoon cards I share my idea with Brady who laughs and then looks at me like I'm crazy. I grab the stirring stick, get some paint and slop in on. I stir it in singing, "I'm painting the roses red...." which laughing a bit admittedly like a crazy person. It seems to work. I continue to paint the entire large spot, call myself a genius and go to bed satisfied around 1am. It at least was MUCH better 'looking' than before. It was now a slight pink, but mostly creme spot. I am satisfied and go to sleep. I wake up feeling a little less enthusiastic about what I had done the night before. I go in and although looks better than before, it was now thick and crusty tan. When I painted it, it was soft and wet from all the water, chemicals and scrubbing. Of course the paint hadn't dried either. Oh so discouraged. Off with my head!

Part 2: Titled: I am a goof-off

So, I go to home depot after looking up the cost of rugs, re carpeting and pergo flooring... not in the budget. You know what is? Goof off.
It says it's for latex paint in carpet even, and although it says to not directly spray into the carpet, I'm thinking that doesn't apply to someone who gave their carpet a second coat of tan paint. I spray that sucker right on there. Scrub, repeat... a few times. It's working I think.... it's working!
A few brain cells less, the carpet is more a pale pink/although still has some creme in it, and less crusty. Much less crusty. I couldn't take the smell anymore as it was potent, but I'm a bit hopeful. I will keep you posted. And looking back on the whole thing... from what I can tell at this point, I don't think that painting the carpet was really that crazy thing to do. It at least made the color not so bright, so the spot will be less noticeable.... if I ever get it out. We'll see... don't hold your breath- unless of course you are in the room with me as I spray the goof-off directly onto the carpet multiple times. :)