Friday, July 22, 2011

Checking it twice...

On the way to Layhill gym where I was subbing a pilates class, Bryce and Carter were talking about what they were going to do there instead of just watch TV the whole time. (I HATE that they have it on)! Anyways, Carter brought his catalogue he made in preschool and adds on to periodically to look through and write Santa (whom he knows is not real, but keeping the "magic" alive for his younger siblings)informing him of his wish list. He said he was going to write a list, then he said, "well, maybe not a list because I don't want Santa to think that I'm greedy. Actually Santa knows everything so even if I write a list, he'll still know I'm not greedy and just giving him ideas." I said something about "yeah, Santa knows if you are bad or good, so he'll probably know that too." Bryce said, "Santa knows a lot but he doesn't know everything. He doesn't know when Jesus is going to come again. So, Heavenly Father is smarter than Santa Clause and Heavenly Father is even more powerful than Santa too." True that Bryce.

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