Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pirate Bryce's 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday Bryce!
Bryce is still loving pirates. We even did a mural painting on his wall of an island and "X" leading to the treasure. It's super cute. I'll have to post a picture of it.
He had about 14 friends (most from church and a few from preschool and a couple of friends from the neighborhood) over for a "pirate party" and it was so fun. The weather was unseasonable warm for October (yes, his birthday is Sept. but with soccer and other conflicts, the party was October).
The best part was the treasure hunt at the end leading them all over the house- inside and out finally to a clearing woods with Carter as "Pirate Pete" standing in the wagon trying to protect his treasure. The kids threw "cannonballs" at him, knocking him off his "ship" to get the treasure. Inside the treasure box was the kids treat bags with tatoos, silly bandz, candy, necklaces, rings, gold chocolate coins and silver bubble gum coins.


I went out of my comfort zone this year and made a super cool cake if I do say so myself. It was awesome! Best part was that Bryce thought it was aweomse too. :)

Aubryn was part of the clean-up crew eating left over cake and ice cream off guests plates... not to mention the top of the ice cream containers lid. Those little pirates better have a firm hold on their treasure with this little one around!

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