Friday, September 18, 2009

Go Sharks!

The soccer season has started once again and Carter is on an instructional league through OBGC (Olney Boys and Girls Club). They play games like sharks and minnows, and passing drills for the most part and then the last 20 minutes or so, they scrimmage against each other. Their team is called The Sharks which Carter thinks is "cool." You know what else is apparently cool? Wearing shin guards and getting a treat after each 'game.'
(Go Carter Go! Check out his face. That's his 'game face' when he gets excited and determined. He juts out his lower jaw and sticks his neck forward, tightens his shoulders and makes fists. It's too funny and cute. He makes the same face when trying to catch up with the big kids in the neighborhood or at the park on his bike).


Andrea said...

Wow! You guys have been busy. Labor day looked fun! We are so glad that Bryce's MRI was normal. Happy Birthday Bryce! And waY to go Carter. Soccer is fantastic! Keep up the good work.

Brady said...

He makes that face a lot when we "wrestle." He gets that determined look on his face, grits his teeth together, and charges at me. I'm glad I'm 3 feet taller and weight 160 lbs more, or else I might be intimidated!