Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Caterpillar fun

(apparently caterpillars and worms get along fine when stuffed into a cage together... gross!)

(team work finding caterpillars)

Bryce is my bug/animal lover. Everything and anything that is moves, breaths, or is fluffy or furry or slimy and bumpy... he loves. Every time it rains, he's outside "saving" the worms. He picks them up off the street and/or sidewalk and into the grass. He uses a cute, high pitched voice while talking to them and says things like, "it's o-tay little wormy, Brycie sabe you" or "dare you go little guy." It is cute to watch how gentle and sweet he is. Sometimes when they (or any bug) is dead or squished, he is sad for a second then says, "oh, poor little guy. He dead. That's o-tay. He happy. He in Heaven now."
A few weeks ago anyways, I decided to get the boys these bug catchers. Carters preschool has a huge open field out front with several butterflies and moths the kids ran around trying to catch for over an hour each time. Then of course, caterpillar season came about in May and oh the fun the boys had- especially Bryce. Carter is more into animals and flying things where Bryce doesn't care at all. The more slimy, sticky the better. :)
Bryce reminds me of my little sister Brooke in a way because she would love caterpillars, so much so, that she would put them in her pockets (which I've caught Bryce doing) and my mom would find them in the lint trap later of the dryer. Brooke would also want to sleep with her "pets." I caught Bryce doing the same thing and couldn't help but take pictures.

(laying in bed with caterpillar)
(tucking it in with his favorite blanket)
(close up of the comfy caterpillar).

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