Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scripture power!

As a family we've been reading scriptures every night at dinner time. It's been such a great thing for our family. The boys love hearing the scripture stories and looking at the pictures. They even will remember them when we try to tie them into every day situations. It's been a blessing in our family and really can feel a difference reading them each night. Carter even got up a couple months ago in sacrament meeting to bear his testimony about how he "loves reading the scriptures and knows they are true." It probably doesn't hurt that they get treats after dinner if they remember to remind us. It's cute though hearing them both shout as soon as I call them for dinner, "FAMILY SCRIPTURE STUDY!!!" Bryce says it at every meal.

Bryce's favorite story in the new testament is "cutting the baby in half." The story about King Solomon. For several days after reading the story, he kept asking to re-read it each night. He also liked Jonah and the Whale.
Carter's favorite story was Abraham and Isaac. He was so concerned that "what if God didn't make it in time and Abraham really did kill Isaac?" etc.
(In asking Carter his favorite story, he also said, after Abraham and Isaac, "I kind of liked all of them."

While I was teaching pilates last night, Brady and the boys finished the Old Testament (Scripture Reader Style). When we finished the Book of Mormon as a family, we went to Chuck E Cheeses to celebrate. Last night, Brady said to the boys, "we'll have to plan another Chuck E Cheese visit".... and then in the same sentence said, "actually, let's talk to mommy first." Carter said, "yeah, because mommy knows everything." What a smart boy I have. LOL.


Andrea said...

Sounds like fun! That is such a great way to teach your boys. What scripture story books to you use. I have been looking for some for our girls. We have read the regular scriptures with them as a family and I think it is over their heads still.

Tara said...

Isn't it so cute how excited they get? Halle NEVER forgets to remind me at bedtime that we need to do our scripture stories. And she is learning so much--sometimes I think she knows the stories better than I do! I love that Bryce reminds you at every meal.