Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer Fun- Deep Creek Lake

So now that Bryce is napping and Carter is watching Dragon Tails, I can catch up a bit on my life, more specifically this last summer. So, I'm going to back track a little.
We had a wonderful summer and I'm both excited and sad to see it coming to an end. We went to Deep Creek Lake a few times with family, and once with friends to water ski, tube and ride the mountain coaster. It's so beautiful there and the kids absolutely love it. The house has it all- the lake right in the backyard, little kidney shaped pool for cool or rainy days, hot tub outside, and a 9 hole and mini golf course for the homeowners in the community to use. And at the "mountains" (I know family in Idaho will get a kick out of that since they are more like "hills" to them) so close by- the mountain coaster is great! It is like an alpine slide and goes so fast. Our boys are daredevils. Boating to get ice cream at the local creamery is also a favorite and a must everyday. Yes, EVERY day! YUMMY!

We rode our bikes to mini-golf and Carter wanted to golf with his helmet on.

After years of waterskiing, and starting on two ski's, then dropping one to ski slolom (don't know how it's spelled) ...last year, the dropped ski was never recovered. We boated everywhere, but a shark must have drug it under or something b/c it vanished. Those were the same pair of ski's I've used since high school and now one was missing. So, the moral of the story is, my parents forbade me from dropping and said if I wanted to slolum (maybe it's spelled with a u????) then I would have to get up on one. BLAH! I remembered doing that in high school- once. There was a reason it was only once. It took me what seemed like forever to get up and when I did I had water in my eyes and nose. However, that was the new on a cold, dark and dizzly day in July....(seriously, it was- hence the wetsuit) I decided to give it a go. My mom said to give it three times until I quit. So I did and lo and behold I did it! On the third try of course. Just as I had remembered, water was in my nose and eyes, but I did it! I was so proud, and tired, but mostly proud, or maybe tired. Ok, it was a tie.

So it was fouth of July which of course means fireworks. We went this weekend with my mom, dad, and little brother Brian. Brian had a whole box of them. Safe. Especially for a 1 & 1/2 and 4 year old who think loud noise, bright colors and fire are some of the coolest things ever! It was a rainy few days which I mentioned earlier so that made me feel a little better about the illegality of it all. Wet ground and trees and fire don't mix right? I was hoping not.

Carter, ee-oo (stuffed monkey Carter's had since an infant and practically part of the family, and Bryce hudling over the box of fireworks deciding what to have Uncle Brian to try next.
SO excited!

The boys had a fun time with their little poppers they threw on the ground and sparklers and were content looking through the box and handing Uncle Brian the next firework once he shot one off. We then went out on the boat to see the big firework show they display from Wisp- the ski resort AKA location of the mountain coaster, but when we were almost there, police informed us they were cancelled b/c of rain and would be shot off tomorrow evening. But with a bunch of houses surrounding the lake shooting off their own fireworks, we decided to go ahead and anchor and watch everyone elses shows from all around us. That was lots of fun!
Daddy with Bryce playing with his now finished sparkler....he's not so sure about it. :)

Carter, ee-oo and sparkler fun!

Clapping at the firework displays. Me, Carter, Grandma Petersen, and Bryce.

Rain or shine...boating for ice cream is a must! What a great make-shift tarp/roof thing grandpa and brady made! Worked well.

Daddy with Bryce

Grandma and Carter on the tubing raft, in the pool with their clothes on.

The next night, on July 5th, they rescheduled the fireworks and because my parents went home that morning, we went to see fireworks out of the trunk of our SUV after stopping by "Candyland" for treat and candy necklaces (We don't have a boating liscense or we would have taken the boat again).

That was our 4th of July long weekend to the "lakehouse" as Carter calls it. We love it there!

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