Monday, September 8, 2008

First day of school!

Carter has been excited for weeks to go back to preschool. It's his second year at the Creative Learning Center but this year he will go three times a week from 9am-1pm. So, a lot longer stretch which initially I was excited for, but it's just after 10am and I miss him.
We packed his lunch this morning which he was excited to do- especially to pack the snack he got to pick out himself from the grocery store. Frosted/iced animal crackers. Yum! (holding it in pic).
He woke up crazy early this morning afraid to miss his first day. It's nice that he has the same teacher as last year and a few of the same students in his class. He was still a little nervous, or as Carter says, "shy" to go to school so asked Brady to give him a father's blessing. I will never forget the sweet spirit I felt and the image of Brady, an honorable Preisthood holder all dressed up in his shirt and tie placing his hands on our sweet boy. Carter had a smile on his face the whole time sitting in his little rocking chair with wet hair from the bath and jammies on. Carter said that he felt Jesus during the blessing and love. It was very special I think for us all. Carter this morning even said, "I don't need to be nervous because daddy gave me a blessing and Jesus will help me." I'm so blessed to have such an amazing husband and the boys are so blessed to have him as their father. I'm also grateful that Carter is able to identify the spirit and has such childlike faith that Christ is there and always will be just as Heavenly Father is when we call upon them.
As we were leaving, Bryce grabbed a snack from the box and went outside saying "bye mommy," and waving. I guess he thought he was going to school too.
Once at school, there was a lot of excitement and Carter was ready to join in which he did. As we were leaving and Bryce and I said goodbye to Carter and gave him a kiss. Walking towards the door to leave, Bryce shouted "NO" and wouldn't take my hand. I went to pick him up and he did the jello trick when magically his legs and body turn to jello so it's practically impossible to pick him up. I managed to carry him out while he was crying and screaming "TA-DAW!" (AKA Carter) kicking his legs to get down. Poor little guy. He's going to miss him being around all the time and so am I. My heart echoed Bryce's words as I left.... My little boy is growing up.

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ashley said...

Aw, what a sweet little guy Carter is. Can you believe they actually understand so much? And I know the "jello" move so well. makes me crazy when I have the carseat in one hand and Elli pulls that trick while I am holding her hand with my other hand. Stinker pants!!