Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramblings of a happy, but tired mother

So my goal 2 months ago was to learn to download pics to my blog and journal right? Well, still haven't learned to download pics and here is the writing of the journal part....2 months later. It's okay, I'm still new at this and will get better and I'm more excited about the picture part, but since that still isn't happening, I'll have to ramble some more.
We had a great labor day today. I love it when we are all home as a family and don't have anywhere we HAVE to be. We started out the day (which was beautiful) picking peaches at lariland farm. The peaches were so good. Carter loved to climb the trees and pick the ones up high. Bryce likes to eat the peaches that had already fallen to the ground and were half smashed, crawled on by bugs or both. After that observation, I made sure I gave him a peach and when he finished that one, I gave him the next to avoid him finding his own. (I wonder why he has diarrea tonight...hmmmmm). Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Turns out however, I'm allergic to peach picking. Seriously. No, not peaches themselves. I can eat as many as I want, but picking them for some reason gave me a red rash all up and down my arms and on my chest and face where I scratched. It burned! And itched. But more burned. Good times. As soon as I learn how to dowload pics, I'll show you.

Now I just feel stupid for posting this b/c you can't even see anything! But if you have the power of zooming in, do so and you'll see a bunch of tiny dots on my forearms that got worse on my upper arms. Oh well, you'll just have to take my word for it....

Bryce doing what he does best....eating!

Our cute little monkey boy climbing for peaches.

On the way home, we decided it would be fun to stop by Old Towne Gaithersburg and watch the parade. Bryce was in dire need for a nap, but Brady and I rationalized that the kids would remember the fun at the parade much more than missing a nap for one day. So we headed over.
Good thing we had the wagon from our peach picking to collect all the loot!
It was fun, but can I just say, I've never seen more fire trucks in my life! Seriously, did we need to see one from EVERY part of the county and then some? That was the majority of the parade. And at least throw candy for crying at loud! So, the fire dept winner is Laytonsville b/c they threw candy. So when the fire dept calls (like they regularly do) or comes door to door (which they do as well) asking for donations, I'll be sure to donate the Laytonsville. On second thought....if they can afford to buy and throw candy, they don't need my help. Okay, I'll still say the usual script of we'd love to help but money is tight right now, but we do appreciate your service to our community....and yada, yada, yada.
After the parade, we came home and Bryce and Brady took a nap and Carter and I cleaned the house and went over to my parents to store some things in their attic b/c they have so much more storage space than us! (Just so happens whenever I go over there to store things, like a high chair, outgrown baby clothes, etc, they happen to be out of town. Coincidence? Hmmm... I'll let you make your own conclusions, but I hope that they aren't reading this. :)
An hr and a half later, we (Carter and I) woke up the others and went to Longwood rec center to play cricket with some friends from our church and have a potluck. It was fun. Brady was the cricket player and I got to play mom. Which was just fine. The kids had a great time running around the open field and getting their energy all out (b/c we had had such a boring day and all). :) We really have to get one of those....fields I mean. Our boys sure love to run. This brings up another topic.....did you know they make little mini treadmills that work on toddler power? Really, your kid just gets on and runs. It looks just like a treadmill, just much smaller, pastel, and without any electronics involved. Love it! Got it from a kind freecycler. This brings me to another topic. Freecycle. Love it. Maybe even addicted to it. I just can't seem to get enough free stuff. Like the treadmill, the elephant watering can- which of course is a must, neck pillow, small alarm clock, toy boats, kid shovels to help me garden, bag for balls to be stored in, small soccer ball, "happy halloween" banner, and cookie cutters. This my friends was collected in two days. But, in turn I offer things too! So, that means it's okay right, if I get rid of my junk to collect another persons? Yep, I think so too. My name is Christy and I'm a freecycle-aholic. But to be fair, I've gone a few weeks without collecting any freebies so I'm entitled to one crazy overdone weekend right? And I promise to use all I have aquired. (this is the pledge I make Brady when he looks at me with "the look" as I leave ever so casually to pick up "something from freecycle.")
Speaking of my sweet husband I think he is alseep already (only 10:15pm) and I think I'll join him. (I took tylenol pm two hours ago to kill the stupid headache from the stupid never ending fire engines). So, I'll see you in another few months, unless I learn to download pics for real this time.


Brady said...

I love your humor. You made me sound like a bum though for sleeping. I guess that will make me want to counter on my blog with what I did yesterday to make me so tired. (Basically I was up at 5:30 and tried biking with a bunch of guys with road bikes on my mt. bike, I ended up eating their dust). Glad you figured out how to post pictures, you will do a better job at this than I will I hope.

Mandy said...

I am SO glad you are blogging! :) IT is the greatest way to stay connected to old friends. I will be a frequent reader/stalker! :) Your boys are soooo cute and getting so big! Time goes WAY to fast! Glad to see you're doing well!! Mandy

Rusty and Tara said...

Freecycle where you are sounds cool. All that's ever posted around here are moving boxes, firewood, dirt--nothing exciting like a toddler treadmill! I'm so glad you're a blogger now. I check Brady's blog every few weeks, but he never updates! So I expect more from you--lots and lots of Darrington news. And I need to call you soon to catch up. It's been too long.

Three Men and a Lady said...

Freecycle here is the best. Yeah, yours doesn't sound so great. I haven't gotten anything since i posted that, so now I'm what I like to call a recovering freecycle-aholic. :) If I go one month, I think I'm cured....we'll see.