Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So, I've decided now that I can download pics to my blog, that it's fun and I might become a blog-aholic as well as a freecycle-aholic. Now I'll have to join 2 self help groups....
Oh well, my kids are actually playing well together for the moment so I thought I'd take a couple of my own to blog. Because that's what blog-aholics do. They blog. Even if there is nothing to say. :) I just read an old friends blog who spoke about the joys of potty training and it reminded me of my morning. Bryce came up to me and said, "mommy's poo" which means one of two things, 1-he has to poo and wants to use the toilet to do so, or -2- he wants to play in the toilet. Unfortunately Bryce has been found a time or two dipping a cup in the toilet water and drinking it, and/or dipping his toothbrush in the toilet before brushing his teeth with it. (What's a kid to do when he can't reach the sink and needs a drink or has a strong desire to brush his teeth? )
Well, I took off his diaper and he ran to the bathroom and climbed on the toilet. Ok, choice one I thought. However, when going back to the kitchen to do dishes b/c he insists on having his "see-see" AKA - I need my "privacy" next thing I know he brings his big stuffed animal bear out to me and says, "bee poo" AKA bear poo. I tell him calmly that bears don't poo in toilets as I wring out poor bears legs which had been shoved in the toilet. (This is not your average small bear, as a matter of fact, he is named "big bear" ). I clean up the trail of toilet water that big bear has left on the floor as he was carried to me. While I am busy doing that, Bryce decides he still needs to poo.... which he does....on the carpet. Excellent.
Well... he did say "mommy.... poo" afterall. My fault for not understanding that he still needed to go, but was being polite b/c big bear must have needed to go more.
So now when I hear "mommy...poo" I'll know this can mean one of three things - 1- Bryce has to poo and wants to use the toilet to do so -2- he wants to play in the toilet and -3- a stuffed animal is going to be shoved in the toilet. We'll, I guess we learn something new everyday.

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