Monday, October 20, 2008

Random thoughts on the world today inspired by my genius son

Carter offered the family prayer last night before we all went to bed and he said, "Please bless the world so that everyone can be kind and help each other out..." It really struck me with elections coming up how everyone has great ideas about how government can be involved in order to help people and develop programs that "force" people to assist others through taxes, fund, etc.
So, in honor of the elections, I'd like to vote for my 4 year old son for President. He seems to be smarter than others I've heard about how to best "help" America. Ultimately, the Lord is in control and He is there and will listen if and when we go to Him. Also, if everyone truly had pure intentions and righteous desires to be "kind and help each other out," government programs wouldn't be so needed. It's sad that these great programs have in part turned into who gets what for less amount of work. Where is the free handout? What can I be entitled to and how little work do I have to do for it? What ever happened to good, hard, honest work and believing in our fellow man to have integrity? It's so sad that we live in a world it seems full of dishonest people who are willing to betray you or at the very least disregard your feelings in the "business world." Because after all, it's "not personal, it's just business." Well, it should be personal. Our world should be more personal. Those willing to give should be able to give willingly without fears of being taken for granted or taken advantage of which sadly happens. It's important in this society to be "tough" and "street smart." It's sad that it's necessary now that we can't trust each other to just do the right thing because it's right. To want to help and serve without hesitation because we are afraid we'll be taken advantage of.
I look forward to the day when the "lamb and the lion can lay down together without any ire." A day when people truly have the desire and act on that desire to be "kind and help each other out." My 4 year old is a genius.


Brady said...
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Three Men and a Lady said...

I think it may be some of the opposite spills over FROM our home INTO our society...

Brady said...

We are becoming a lazy, give me something free, I can't trust you, society. I'm afraid this spills over from society into the home which is why it is important to have the home be a safe haven where truths are taught and lived.
And if Carter (not Jimmy) were president, we would all get all the candy we could eat, there wouldn't be a nap time, and the nation would go into debt buying all of the toys that he wants. However, at least his desires would be pure.

Thanks for the deep thoughts. Oh and, "My 4 year old son in a genius" still cracks me up!