Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Say your name...

So, Bryce and I are doing a mommy and me class at a ballet studio. Of course he is the only boy with about 5 other 2-3 year old girls who all wear pink. Pink leotards, pink tights, pink tutus, pink ballet slippers...Did I mention these girls are 2-3.?!
So in come Bryce and myself in his jean shorts, t-shirt and bare feet ready to go! I picked up right away we were under dressed and not in accordance with the color code.
The class is actually pretty cute, and Bryce follows directions and does what everyone else does about 1/3 rd of the time. Other times, he runs in circles getting dizzy, to the water cooler where he likes to fill up a cup of water, take a sip and dump the rest out, (repeat) or find things like chairs and/or benches to jump off of.
The teacher goes around the circle and tells the kids to say their names really loud and when they do they get this strawberry glitter gel stuff on the top of their hand. So, it's our turn and she says to Bryce, "Say your name real loud..." And Bryce with a big smile on his face shouts: "NAME!" We all got a good laugh at that. So, we've been practicing and now he says "Bye-see!" (Brycie). So cute!
Why are we taking this class you might wonder? Simple. Because it's free. I get to take any dance classes I want at this studio b/c I teach pilates there. I know some moms with daughters out there wish they were me. If only I taught at the Little Gym where the point is to jump and run, and spin, we'd be set. But for now, we'll settle with tap, tap, tap and point, point, point. Either way it's fun to do something together just the two of us...... and a bunch of pink, tutu'd girls.


ashley said...

Hahahaha!!!! Oh my word......I just love the visual of THAT!! Little, frilly, pinked-up girly girls.......and then walks in Bryce. Was his hair messy and toenails dirty?!?!?! I love that kid. What a riot! I know, he makes you tired sometimes but gosh you do a great job with him!!

Brady said...

I don't think you've ever told me the full story like that before. That's funny and so child like. I didn't realize they all wore pink everything! Man I need to come home and wrestle with the kid after the days you go there, and burp every so often as well...just to maintain an equilibrium!