Friday, October 24, 2008

More fall fun!

So, it's that season for apple picking- yet another thing to love about fall! The boys and I went to Larriland farm with a few other people and their kids and had a great time. Funny thing is, the apples are more expensive picking them than at the store. Like, 70 cents more expensive per pound. What is that all about?!? So, we picked for the "experience" more than the apples itself. Regardless of price, we had a great time. Carter brought his own plastic red wagon and Bryce brought a dump truck to fill with apples. Carter used his wagon, but Bryce had more fun lounging in the wheelbarrow with me pushing him and guess who ended up pushing the dump truck along with Bryce and the apples....? Give you a hint: not Carter.

So After apple picking, we went to the little barn which sells pumpkins and jams and such. There was this box that said open me with a smiley face on it. Anything with a smiley face on it can't be bad right? WRONG! So I open it and a rat pops out and touches my finger! I scream. Loudly might I add and everyone turns to look at me. A man comes up to me and asks me what's wrong and I can't help but to just give him the box now closed with the stupid smiley face sticker on it and see what he thinks. Somehow it made me feel better seeing a bigger man jump the way her did. :) My boys had a love/hate relationship with it. (There was a spider one too and they boys loved playing with it nervous each time).

We then went to get a pumpkin for father/son pumpkin carving night at Carters school the following week. Carter had to look at every single pumpkin it seemed before we found the perfect one. Almost 13 pounds of pumpkin and boy was he proud to have picked it up "all by himself" and drag it up the hill to the cashier.

(Well, most of the way. Bryce helped a little.) :)

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Stephanie B said...

We did Larriland as well. Lots of fun, still enjoying the apples.