Monday, November 3, 2008


So I totally got clotheslined at the park today. Like, totally. Really biffed it. I was running full speed after Carter growling (we were playing monster) and decided to be tricky and cut him off at the place he was heading (the slide) and force him back the other way. So, while running, full speed I ran smack into one of those bars that kids do flips over and pull-ups on. Being the tall freak I am, it hit me right in the chin/lip area and my legs went from under me and I landed on my back stunned. Totally and seriously clotheslined. I did an all over body check determining first if I was still alive. Sweet little Bryce grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Carter rushes by my said, and says "Awwww...are you okay mommy?" I don't know if I answered him. I might have, whimpered like the little pathetic monster I became. Carter says to Bryce, "come on Brycie let's wipe off mommy, she's hurt and all covered in wood chips." Indeed I was. So four gentle, small helping hands wiped at my back and head. I felt so much love for those two little boys who were now caring for me. (I also felt throbbing in my head, pain in my jaw, lip and chin). I felt my chin and lip with my hand which felt as if it had doubled in size to make sure I wasn't bleeding. (Wouldn't it be just my luck to get a third set of stitches on the same side of my chin as the other two). No blood. Whew! Carter says, "Don't worry mommy, in my prayers tonight I'll ask Heavenly Father to make your lip better."
I asked Carter if my lip looked a little big. He said, "No, it looks a lot big." Gotta love honesty. I finally stood up trying to wipe off the remainder of wood chips from my bum and legs. Carter said, "mommy, I think you need a little break from monster, let's just play duck, duck, goose instead." Bryce the entire time is just staring at me dumbstruck. He didn't want to play anything after that. He just kept saying, "home." He seemed so confused as to why in the world his supermom would fall, be covered with wood chips and now look like jay Leno with a protruding chin with a bonus fat lip. (I was a little confused myself). We did end up playing monster again but just for "five more minutes" which actually for some reason always seems to be more like 10 or 15.... Why then do I always say "five?" My kids are going to have a warped sense of time....anyways, another topic for another time. Time to ice my face.
UPDATE: Carter actually did remember to bless my chin while saying the prayer before dinner tonight. What a sweetheart. Immediately after we said, "amen" he said, "now is your lip feeling better?"


Stephanie B said...

No picture? Great story! Ah, the faith of a little child.

ashley said...

Awwwww, a jay leno chin?? Must have been rough! Sweet boys......brushing you off. And yeah, why does 5 minutes turn into 15?? :o)

We're looking into PA schools right now and I have been determined to find one in Boston or nearby. Wish us luck. And maybe have Carter pray for us. Sweet boy!!

Stephanie said...

Oh man! So sad, yet so comical. (After the fact I'm sure). Your storytelling talents make it come alive. I also can picture the location play by play. Hope you're feeling better!

Mandy said...

I hope you're ok...but honestly I can't stop laughing while I picture it. I wish I oculd have seen you clotheslined! :)