Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hurt feelings

Well, it's happened. My preschool aged child has said, "I don't like you mommy." And as much as I've heard other parents talking about their child saying this to them, I'd think, it's really not a big deal but I'd console them with "they don't really mean it" and such. Sometimes I'd even be thinking perhaps that they somehow deserved it b/c they maybe yelled at their child or demanded too much or something. Now I sit here eating humble pie and it doesn't taste good. My voice was never raised, I stayed entirely calm the entire time through the plugging of the ears, and stomping of the feet and the yelling. All I did was ask him to come eat the dinner I prepared. That doesn't seem like a horrible request (most of the time anyways...depends on what I attempt to cook. But tonight was mac and cheese for crying out loud!) I honestly didn't expect this to ever happen. At least not until kindergarten. I know he really means, "I am not happy right now" or "I wish I had more freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want." However, logic and emotion can be two completly different things. While my son is upstairs in his room taking deep breaths(in theory) and having some alone time until he can be respectful- I am here blogging, now part of the disliked mommy club and my feelings are hurt.


ashley said...

Dang, my feelings are hurt too. I swear, if Elli could say it, tonight would have been a night she would say she hates me. The girl HATES when she doesn't get her way and throws a mean tantrum. I just get between her and what she wants........every day. Darn it!! It's no fun to actually hear that out of your sweet child's mouth.

Rusty and Tara said...

We've all been there. When Josh is sad cause I didn't give him his way he just hollers, "I want Daddy, I want Daddy." Then I say, "Daddy's at work," and he says, "I don't like it!" Me either Josh, me either.
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