Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre-Halloween Halloweens

Carter's school Halloween Parade. Cute little 4 year old children marched around the front part of their school to show off their cute costumes. Of course Carter was the cutest by far and I'm not just saying that b/c I'm his mom. His grandma even agreed with me. :)
Entire Orioles Class

March monkey march! Carter is holding his tail b/c Spider man kept stepping on it. So much for spidey senses...

I love my crazy little monkey boy!

A few days before we had the ward Halloween Party which was fun. We invited our neighbor and her 5 kids and I think they all had a great time. It was sleeting outside so instead of trunk or treat, we did a hallway or treat thing. Still got candy so it's A-OK!

Carter and Bryce with "fangs"- a prize from one of the games

Can anyone guess what I am??
They even had face painting. Of course Carter got rockets!

Neighbors that came with us to the ward party- awesome family. any peanut M&M's??? (Bryce's favorite candy right now. I know, I know...he's not supposed to have any peanut products until age 3....whatever!)

YUM! I'll take anything!

Happy pre-halloween! Brady met us there for the last half b/c he was working late that night at his Spanish tutoring job.

Speaking of Brady, last but not least for our pre-halloween activities, Brady went to Carter's preschool, the Creative Learning Center for father/son pumpkin carving night and brought us home an awesome jack-o-lantern. Good work boys!
Brady, Carter and Dimitri - (a friend from church AND his class- what are the odds?? :)


ashley said...

Black-eyed peas. RIGHT?!?!?! It took me a few minutes but golly, you almost got me!! ;o)

And wait, I thought it was peanuts after 2?? I don't want another year before I can be done with the peanut police gig. Ugggghh.........

Cute monkey. Elli was a monkey. Save those pictures for their wedding reception video. It'll be cute and they'll love us for dressing them up the same on year. And then they can dress their kids up as monkeys as some sort of romantic family past thing. Real cute!!! They're still getting married aren't they???

Three Men and a Lady said...

Of course they are still getting married! Or was that Bryce and Ellie? Wait...I'm confused which kid I promised you.

Three Men and a Lady said...

OH, and yep, you are the winner- a black eyed pea!

Stephanie said...

Chase is sitting on my lap, loving your blog! We miss you guys and love to peek into your adventures. Looks like a fun Halloween!

p.s. Thank you so much for the treat package. The kids were so excited and loved all the goodies! Tell Carter there's another letter on the way...