Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cast and pin removal

Yesterday was a big day for Bryce and our family. The cast came off and the pins came out. I want to be excited about this because that means he is on the road to recovery, however, I think I am too nervous to be excited. The doctor said the bone is healing nicely but it's a waiting game to see what will be the final outcome. Brady being the accountant number man he is, asks what the statistics are that he'll get the full use of his arm back. The doctor says that although he's done hundreds of broken arms, he can't give us a statistic for Bryce because he hasn't seen many with such a "displaced, severe break." So, we are trying to be optimistic which is hard for me when I feel like the surgeon was not so much so. But, I'm sure he is just doing his job and it's like when they told us Bryce might have trouble breathing again on his own after surgery...full disclosure for all the possibilities even if they are not favorable.
When Carter left for preschool he said, "I'm going to pray for Bryce today at school that he'll be so brave and his arm will get better." Bryce was so brave although cried a lot while they power sawed off his cast, x-rayed it again in painful positions with pressure on the pins and again while they pulled the pins out with pliers. There was a lot more blood than I had anticipated with that one. Before x-rays I said, we are just going to take a few pictures of your arm and Bryce said, "no thanks." When the doctor came in to remove the pins, he also told Bryce he was going to take them out and once again Bryce said, "no thanks." Poor Bryce, good manners didn't get him anywhere...
Bryce has been acting very timid and appears to be nervous about his arm being exposed. There are just 2 band-aids covering the area the pins used to be. We are supposed to keep him calm (whatever that means for a 2 year old boy) and let him try to use his arm again when he is ready but not lift more than a cup of milk. So far, he doesn't want to use it and he's been saying "owie arm" more not that it is not supported. He had a hard time going and staying asleep last night.
The doctor said it's a balance act. Although it's not fully healed, if the pins stay in they risk infection and a more painful recovery down the road as they will try to force him to straighten it and the longer it's in the cast, the less range of motion he'll be able to get back. However, with it out, it is vulnerable to being re fractured. I guess I'll just have to put my trust in the doctor, and more importantly in the Lord.
(Pins now in my hand. Long huh?)
(Watching Grinch with Daddy)
(poor arm_
(Leaving the doctor in the elevator. He's not sure what to think...)

(Waiting for the doctor)

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