Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My kids LOVE Disney's Dumbo as of late. They watch the pink elephant part and rewind it again and again cracking up laughing. I think it's weird they do that since I would always fast forward that part because I thought it was creepy scary.
However, despite serveral little issues I have with the movie (ie bird smoking, calling names, etc) I have to say what concerns me the most is Bryce running full speed and jumping off the bed screaming "ME DUMBO!!!"
Yeah, really, he did. A few times. So we've also had the talk that Dumbo flys, Bryce doesn't. A few times. He says, "Dumbo fly, Bycie not fly," but we'll see if that stops him.

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Ashley said...

I know I can count on your kiddos for a good laugh. Or maybe it's your narration. Either way......the naked bum, the pads on the fan (how'd they get them up there?), flying like dumbo........it all cracks me up. What are calm days like? Or are these calm days and I should ask what crazy days are like?? Hmmmm.....