Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome Home Elder!

Ok, I'm SO behind in the journaling portion of the blog. I always tend to write these random thoughts/ideas/happenings, and don't blog events as much. I'll try to do better. So here is the first bit of news....
My little brother Matt came back from his mission in MN! It was so great to meet him at the airport. Jason and Shandra and their kids came as did our family and of course my mom and dad. I've joked calling my mom a "psycho type girlfriend" with all the letters, emails, care packages and constant thoughts for Matt.
It's been so awesome getting to know Matt now. He truly has grown and matured into a man (and not just because he's gotten buffer and taller).:)
Welcome home Elder! We've missed you and are so proud of the service you've done for the Lord these past 2 years. We have all truly been blessed by your selfless sacrifice.
(holding up signs anxiously waiting to see Elder Petersen come through the terminal gate)

(comparing 'battle wounds from similar surguries a few weeks apart)

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