Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008 Christmas Card and Letter

Happy Holidays from the Darringtons! This year has been a fun and eventful one for us all. Last spring we went on a Disney Cruise with the entire Petersen family and had a blast! The boys still ask when we can do that again. We’ve traveled to Deep Creek Lake several times in the last year for some boating, swimming, water skiing and tubing fun and last month for some sledding and a Turkey feast. We love it there! We also had the chance to go to Idaho to visit family in August and we had a fun packed week of fishing, riding grandma’s horses, fair and rodeo, and going to a water park in Boise. We sure miss our family in Idaho but are grateful for the fun memories we made there this summer.

Brady began his second year at Financial Services Advisory as a client service associate. He has had the opportunity this year to meet and interact with more clients which he really enjoys. He just passed his exam to be a registered Paraplanner. Brady still loves to play basketball weekly with the other guys from our church and especially enjoys blocking their shots with those long arms of his. His favorite thing is coming home from work to a nice hot meal and being with his family. The boys love it when daddy is home and run to him screaming, “daddy” each time. He likes to chase after the boys before bed being a monster which always results in laughter, screaming, and half the time bumps and bruises from playing too rough. But the boys always come back for more!

Christy has had an exciting year by finishing up her master’s degree in social work. We are proud of her for being so diligent to finish it up while raising two boys. Now that she has her masters, she can focus more of her energy and time to what she is really passionate about- her family. She is a stay and home mom teaching Pilate’s at least 5 times a week between fitness first (a local gym) or at a ballet studio which she enjoys. It’s the perfect “mom job.” Christy has started a blog, which she enjoys updating frequently. In fact if you really want to keep updated with our family, check it out at She keeps very busy finding new things for the house on her 2nd favorite internet site, freecyle. She is always having me run to pick up this or that after basketball or after work. I’m glad she is such a bargain shopper and avid yardsaler.

Carter is 4 ½ , loves his second year of pre-school and goes three times a week. Anything that involves moving- Carter loves. He learned to ride a two wheeler with no training wheels last April. He scares us to death now flying by over speed bumps and over curbs while he just laughs at my worried expression. He loves his scooter, and running everywhere and anywhere. He recently started soccer and enjoys that. He is into stuffed animals and in addition to his two favorites- Ee-oo and Herbivore (a lizard he got at the ER when he split his chin open), he has 5 or so other big animals he shares his bed with. We need to arrange them just so each night so there is even room for him! Carter loves to be read to and is beginning to sound out a few words on his own and identify letters and sounds. He is really a social kid and loves being around other kids big or small. He loves to color and “write” letters to everyone and mom ends up throwing half of them away instead of sending them or else we’d have to take out a second mortgage on our home to pay for stamps. He loves to serve others and make people laugh. He likes to collect the mail in hopes of a toy magazine being in there. He cuts out his favorite and tapes it into his own catalogue he’s made with several clippings/ads from magazines. It is not uncommon for Carter to ask adults at his school, church or neighborhood for jobs so he can earn money to pay for the things he’s collecting in his catalogue.

Bryce keeps us on our toes- constantly. He just turned two in September. He is such a happy spirited boy. He is the child who is going to be a mountain climber and likes to practice on our furniture. Beginning of November, after he and Carter were jumping on the bed, he fell off and broke his arm. It required surgery and 3 pins. We are just waiting now to see what’s the next step. He is in good spirits though and it hasn’t slowed him down (fortunately and unfortunately). He likes to be outside and keep up with his big brother riding his tricycle or 3 wheeled scooter. His best friend is sheepie, which his Aunt Sarah sent him as an infant, and he takes it everywhere! Sucking on his paws puts him to sleep. Hey, whatever works! He likes to say “poo bum” to everyone and everything. This past week in the mall we passed Santa’s workshop where he was sitting and Bryce yells, “Hi Santa poo-bum!” with a big smile. I guess we know whose getting coal in their stocking this year…

We love our life and are grateful for all of our many blessings. Most of all we are grateful for Christ and his atoning sacrifice for us all. We strive to make him the center of our lives and are grateful for repentance, forgiveness and the journey of life. We love you, our family and friends and wish each one a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Love:
Brady, Christy, Carter and Bryce

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