Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bryce arm update

(harder than I thought to get a good arm picture. Basically there is one long one and three dot looking ones where the pins were)

We FINALLY started Bryce's occupational therapy yesterday after phone tag, miscommunication, insurance issues... blah blah blah. But everything is good now. The lady that works with him, Tracey is really nice and makes it fun. As soon as he sees his arm, he stops using it, but if it's covered with his sleeve, he's okay. Funny huh? Maybe it's the scar that looks weird to him, or the cold air somehow feels different, I'm not sure, but we have a while until Spring, so in that sense, it's good. He is having a hard time straightening it fully and not rolling his shoulder to compensate for the lack of strength and flexibility in his forearm and upper arm. So, we've got some homework exercises and meet with Tracey twice a week for ten weeks and hopefully we'll see an improvement. Overall, Bryce is in great spirits and is willing to "play" and try anything (as long as he thinks it's playing. As soon as he suspects you are trying to get his arm to do something, you get "the look" which involves him looking up at you, chin down and him looking through his beautiful lashes and he doesn't move. He just stares you down). It's quite adorable, but hey, I'm the mom, so I think most things he does are adorable. :)


Tara said...

I've been wondering about that arm! Glad to hear that things are going as well as can be expected. 10 weeks is a lot of therapy! Hopefully you can keep tricking him into "playing" Funny little poo bum! (just got done reading Brady's post)

Mandee said...

Sorry I have MIA. I went to pack up our house and just got back today. I have an email that is almost ready to send out to you! You may be sorry you asked me to fill you in!!

Emily Petty said...

What a sad little arm - I hope his therapy goes well. I love the rosy cheeks from sledding and Carter's cute birthday excitment for Brady!