Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Brady!

Brady turned 31 Sunday the 18th! I can't believe how old he is (over 30!) which makes me old too since I married the man. Carter helped me plan the perfect superhero party since of course that is what daddy is- a superhero! Every time we go to the library Carter asks the librarian, "Excuse me, do you have any Superhero books? Or Spider man books? My daddy loves Spider man. He was Spider man for 3 Christmas's in a row when he was little. Except the books are a little scary for me and give me nightmares, so daddy can just look at them because he loves them." He is quite the little chatterbox! The amused librarian helps him pick out a few while I just stand by making sure Bryce doesn't pull all of the books of the shelves.
We went to five and below and Carter spent his money (insisting that HE pay for it himself) on some spider man games (checkers, bingo, card games). He was SO excited to give Brady his gifts and distraught that we had him wait until his actual birthday.
First thing that morning when Brady returned home from church meetings, Carter ordered him back to bed for breakfast in bed. We had been making pancakes and sausage while he was gone and decorated the house with streamers. We had all eaten and were ready to serve the birthday boy his in bed. Unfortunately Bryce ate most the sausage so Brady only got one a half pieces (the half having been pulled out of Bryce's mouth when I caught him eating it).

Before Brady had the chance to eat Carter had him open the gift he got him and they even played a bit. Bryce got him a few spider man board books which were fun to read. After church, family and the Martin family came over for dinner of bean soup, biscuits, and salad. I had the kids play 'pin the mask on Spider man' and then 'get the bad guy.' I printed out a picture of Dr. Octopus and gave the kids silly-string so they could pretend to be Spider man and get him with their web. The kids LOVED that (and so did Brady). He jumped around the house shooting it from his wrist making all the kids (and adults) laugh. What a sport! We finished the night with Spider man cake that I spent way to long making and ice cream. What a fun night. We love you! Thanks for being a Super-husband and a Super-father! We are so blessed!
(My cake helpers! Check out Carter's face!)


Mandee said...

What a fun family! Email me sometime when you get a minute. I commented on your last post but I am not sure if you read it, if you did....sorry I am harassing you, if you didn't and you have no clue who this's me AKA Sister Warner.

Stephanie B said...

That cake is awesome. Great job, Guys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRADY!

Katie Fish said...

CHRISTY!!! HI! I'm so glad you found my blog! How fun! You're little family is adorable! You look great! So great to be in contact again!!

Tara said...

You are so creative! I love that party idea. Brady is a lucky guy.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!