Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things...

I got tagged with this on Facebook and I don't quite get how to post things yet, so thought I'd do it on my blog. :) So, 25 random things about little ole me....

1. I drink a LOT of water. Everyday. I always have a water jug with me. I drink about 32 cups a day. Just a little more than the recommended 8. What can I say, I'm thirsty!

2. I love my fleece robe and where it whenever I'm at home. I hate to be cold!

3. I love spring and fall.

4. I am a perfectionist and am trying hard not to be although not perfected that yet. lol.

5. I am a very loyal,compassionate and caring person. I become a mama bear when it comes to my family and friends. Sometimes I end up getting hurt because I care too much, but just learn and grow from those experiences.

6. I used to be a runway and print model. I have been in several magazines and even on a few covers.

7. I love naps.

8. I have to floss every night and think it's gross that some people don't.

9. I love to sing and dance.

10. I played varsity basketball in high school and even won a trophy or two.

11. Sometimes I get my kids out of bed after they are sleeping to hold, rock and kiss them.

12. I like it when people tell me how they feel even if they think it will hurt my feelings. SO much better to talk than to wonder...

13. I am good at baking. I make awesome brownies, cookies and cakes but I'm somewhat lacking in the cooking department.

14. I have the best husband. How did I get so lucky? Sometimes I think I don't deserve him...

15. My favorite sound are my children laughing.

16. My least favorite sound are my children whining and crying.

17. I am an optimist.

18. I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and for the meaning, knowledge, direction, and comfort that it brings into my life. I am so blessed!

19. I tend to 'plan' too much and want to live in the moment more.

20. I teach pilates 4-5 times a week and really enjoy it (most days).

21. I wish I had red/auburn hair and a few freckles.

22. I love to clean and organize things in my house. Furniture, toys, clothes, shoes... I am constantly doing and re-doing it. I love home improvement projects.

23. I have my masters degree in social work and graduated with a 4.00 from UMB.

24. I love my family more than anything, but for me, girlfriends and time away are a must to re-group and rejuvenate myself.

25. I hate spending money on food, I think it's a waste. I think I'd like to cook if I didn't have to pay for the food or clean up afterwards.

There you have it folks, more info about my than you ever wanted. :)


Emily Petty said...

Beautiful picture Christy, I had no idea that you wanted red/auburn hair!

Scott and Lindsay said...

You've got a lot to be proud of! I'm not sure I could think of 25 interesting things about myself. We can't wait to see your family in July! - Lindsay

ashley said...

Christy......can we stay up late looking up your old modeling pictures on the internet again?? Thanks for being so darn adorable. And dang HOT.....look at that picture. I need some new posing tips!! ;o) Remember the barn party?

Oh, and I love naps too. Do you ever get any nowadays??

Brady said...

They say knocking doors in the rain on your mission will earn you a beautiful wife, but to be so caring and a great brownie maker...what did I do to deserve that?! Love your gross husband.

Mandee said...

Ditto on #'s - 7, 11 & 16

I too love and NEED time away with my friends.

#6 - Can COMPLETELY see why

The complete opposite on #13

LOVE the picture by the way